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Category: Graphics, Make Money Online, Product Launch, Traffic, WordPress
Tags: Affiliate Marketing, Graphics, Internet Marketing, make money online, Plugin, Post, Post Popup, Product Launch, Software, Traffic, WordPress
Date Added: 2019-10-16
Includes: Master Reseller / Giveaways Rights!

“This plugin allows any content to be pulled into a modal window dynamically. To use, just create a link with class “modal-link””

Take a look inside this product:

  • /
    • index_files
      • analytics.js.download (43.43KB)
      • bootstrap-grid.min.css (33.44KB)
      • bootstrap.min.css (141.48KB)
      • bootstrap.min.js.download (47.80KB)
      • bootstrap-reboot.min.css (3.84KB)
      • jquery.min.js.download (93.68KB)
      • mbr-additional.css (58.66KB)
      • popper.min.js.download (18.55KB)
      • script.js.download (40.02KB)
      • smooth-scroll.js.download (21.03KB)
      • style.css (8.89KB)
      • tether.min.css (237.00B)
      • tether.min.js.download (22.67KB)
      • wp-post-modal-800×572.png (162.54KB)
    • Plugin File
      • wp-post-modal.zip (136.92KB)
    • index.html (5.38KB)
    • Internet Marketing Blog.url (114.00B)
    • WPPostPopUpSalesPageandPlugin.zip (418.96KB)


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