Top 5 Tips for Realtors to get more clients

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Are you looking for more real estate clients? Find out how you can get more clients this year. Even if you are a new realtor check out these tips and tricks. Clients are essential to a real estate business success, whether you are a seasoned industry professional or a brand new realtor. How to get more clients should be top of mind as we enter a new year in real estate. Here are the top tips and tricks to help you get more clients as a realtor this year.

1. Build up your online and social media presence

The use of social media is a very effective way to get clients as a realtor. Social media can be used strategically for marketing, advertising and brand image and especially keeping in touch with past and current clients leads and prospects. The national association of realtors reports that 43 of home buyers begin their search online, from researching properties to finding the right realtor. If buyers and sellers are exploring the internet it is important that you promote yourself and leave a lasting impression.

2. Tap into your sphere of influence networking

Tap into your sphere of influence networking with people you know is a great way to get more clients as a realtor. Your sphere of influence is one of the most valuable assets a real estate professional has. Whether you connected through social media met at a client event or were recommended by a past client. It is essential to keep and leverage these resources. A successful business relies heavily on word of mouth and real estate is no exception. Therefore in addition to the contacts you collect online, your friends family, colleagues and business peers can serve as your brand ambassadors. Your personal network can ultimately lead to greater business success and more clients.

3. Engage in your community to expand your network

Whether you want to grow your influence exponentially, or have a huge circle of influence. Networking is important engaging in your community is a great way to expand your network. From participating in local events to working with local businesses. There is no better place than your own market to start networking. Real estate business is built on relationships which require time and effort. Here are a few ways you can engage in your community build new relationships expand your network and ultimately get more clients.

4. Host community and client events

Participate in school functions organize fundraisers and donations for charities and conduct real estate related workshops. Of course these more formal networking strategies can work for gaining new clients but don’t discount your everyday activities, as they can also provide opportunities.

5. Utilize real estate software and follow-up tools

For real estate professionals it can be overwhelming to stay organized and dedicate their time to connecting, with new leads and clients this is in the midst of showings and closings sacks of paperwork and endless phone calls. The real estate industry has plenty of software and follow-up systems available, which help even the busiest agents and brokers stay in touch with their clients and leads. CRM software is used to handle a wide range of tasks from lead generation to appointment scheduling to transaction processing. By using the right tools and software real estate professionals can save time and money while improving business processes and gaining more clients, automated follow-up is another benefit of these tools and software. There are programs available that include artificial intelligence as well as real people to respond follow up and provide further information to keep these leads informed and interested.

There are many strategies you can use to acquire more clients as a realtor but you need to choose what is right for your business and what works best whether it be boosting your online presence, tapping into your sphere of influence, connecting with your community or utilizing the best tools available agents brokers and real estate professionals everywhere can work their way to more clients this year.


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