Top 5 gigs to make easy money on Fiverr

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Here are 5 easy fiverr gigs that you can do to start earning money today, now number %232 and number#4 are my personal favorites because they’re relatively easy compared to the other three, and the upside is huge you can earn a lot of money just by doing these two gigs alone. So here we are on fiverr on my computer now I’m assuming that you’re all familiar with fiverr.

1. Make youtube thumbnails

I’ll show you how you can make youtube thumbnails. Before you clicked on a video on youtube, you would have seen an image which looks something explains what the video is about, every video on youtube will have a youtube thumbnail which draws people’s attention and gets them to click on the video thumbnails.

Now we can make youtube thumbnails and upload a fiverr gig making them with a free tool which I’m about to show you, so how can we create these thumbnails and how can we make money making youtube thumbnails.

I want to bring your attention to a website called, this is a free online graphics editor which makes it really easy for the average person to create graphics. Now you go to their website and just type in youtube thumbnail and then just go ahead and click on the top one and that will redirect you to that page where you can design a thumbnail. The good thing about canva is they’ve got different templates that you can design from so there’s loads of these and you can choose whichever matches your gig on fiverr.

2. Psychic reading

You can try and this is a really interesting and a really kind of weird niche but if you just go to fiverr and search for “Psychic reading”, you’ll see a lot of different people who are offering psychic readings, who claim to be psychics, but really they’re just giving random answers to questions so we’ve got here I will perform a psychic reading and answers your questions the same day, and you’ll be surprised how many people are actually buying this, all the job he/she does is answer one question whether psychic or not.

On fiverr you can see there are loads of people who do this and offer this service I would say it’s a niche that you can really get into and start to make some money in which is perfect if you’re lazy and you want to make some easy money on fiverr gig

3. Logo design

I know what you’re thinking you might not be able to create a logo, but I just want to show you some people who are using the service. What you can do is you can make a listing, I will make a minimalist logo design and you could go to a website like then when somebody goes and buys your gig you can go and enter in their name here so let’s say we we need to make a garden logo for John so John’s gardens we can create that logo we’re going to search for gardening as a keyword we want icon and text.

Then we’ll get all of these different logos which we can send to clients which are really high quality and professional if the clients like it we can go ahead and download this and you’ve then made some money and you can give this logo to the client gig

4. Beta reading

You may or may not have heard of this you may have heard of proof reading which is a more professional version of beta reading. Beta reader is usually a test reader of an unreleased work of literature or other writing who gives feedback from the point of view of an average reader so you give feedback on an average reader and an average consumer. If you like books reading you could offer a beta reading service and review people’s books review people’s novels and give them constructive criticism from the point of a reader

5. Background removal

Background removal is very common and people buy it all the time on fiverr and essentially they want an image to get their background removed. You can do it with It’s a website you can go to, called and it removes the background from any image. The prices are starting at 15 GBP on fiverr. If people buy your gig you can go and download it in hd quality.

Those have been five different ways please leave a comment and share your thought. I hope this did help you out.


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