The Best 5 Tips to Attract More Customers

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Today we’re going to be talking about how to get clients that actually buy from you without having to chase them around. So this is going to be a video for my new business owners out there or my people that have already been in business for a little while but are struggling to actually get buying customers into your business.

What you need to focus on so in continuation of that we’re going to be diving in to focus on actually getting customers which is probably the next most important thing, that you need because you won’t have a business very long if you don’t have customers. What I’m gonna be showing you today are five things that you can start doing today for free that can help you to start implementing the strategies that you need to start getting more customers.

Now we’re gonna get into those five tips that I have for you but first there are a few things that you need to know as far as the mindset how you need to be thinking before you start trying to implement any of those strategies or tips that I’m gonna give to you.

1. Nobody likes you or your product

The first thing that you need to know and keep in mind when you’re going into doing these tips or before you start doing in any of these tips that I’m going to recommend to you is that nobody likes you or your product, but you do also need to keep in mind that most people that are running into you for the first time they don’t know you so they don’t like you or they don’t like you yet is what I really should say, and they don’t know anything about your product, they really don’t have a reason to like your product either, so it’s your job to let them know why they do need to like you and your product, because one of the main things that you should know is nobody buys from anybody that they don’t like or trust, and with this you need to know that most people don’t want to hear about you up front and they don’t want to hear about your product up front they want to know about a problem that they have they want to know about they want to hear you talk about them first. So this is why you have to be focused on the customer.

What they want and what they need and not focus on yourself or your product because again they don’t know you yet so you need to be more focused on the customer initially with anything that you’re doing and also these strategies that I’m going to be giving to you are things that you’re going to use online, on your social media, on your website, on landing pages. If you guys want more information on tools and things that I use in regards to marketing my business to try to give you a better insight on what you can use as well, please let me know down in the comments so now that you have that understanding and what this part means.

2. People want change

Let’s go ahead and talk about the next thing that you need to be focused on or thinking about, and that is the fact that people want change. Anybody that’s buying a product or service they want some type of change it doesn’t matter what you offer, nobody is buying something unless they want to see some type of change in some area of their life more than likely just like this car here they feel stuck and they want your product to be the hand that comes in to save them or to get them from being stuck, or to help them get unstuck rather so that they can get out of the current feeling or the current state that they’re in and get to a more pleasurable state where their problem is solved, and they have relieved whatever pain they may be feeling from whatever the situation is. So your product is supposed to be able to deliver change or transformation to this person’s life or this person’s situation so you need to be having that in mind, so that you can articulate how your product will help change their life or provide transformation to their life and now with those two things being understood.

Let’s go ahead and let’s start talking about some of the things that you need to do or the things that you need to implement. So the very first thing that you need to be focused on is what are your potential clients searching for, so everybody when they have a problem that they have gotten to the point that they need a solution for it they are going to be trying to search for a solution they’re going to go to google, they’re going to go to youtube or wherever they can they might go on facebook or instagram and start searching for a solution to their problem.

It’s very important for you to be able to identify what it is that your customers may be searching for, because that is going to give you a great key on things that you need to focus on. In regards to your message that you’re putting out there to try to attract these clients, and again that plays into you making sure that you’re aware of what these customers need, because if you can put their needs out there and talk about them that is going to help draw them to you. Because they’re more than likely searching in the terms of what it is that they’re trying to solve and if you have that information there you can be the person that they find and run across first and you can get a customer based off of that for example.

3. What tips can you give customers

And now the next thing that we want to be focused on is what tips can you give them. So now that you have an idea of what it is that they’re searching for and the type of problems that they’re dealing with you need to you know come with a list of things maybe a few tips that you can give them that is going to help them see you know some type of immediate result and more than likely for free so that you can let them know that you you know care enough to try to help them to do some things to solve their problem and because you help them put out maybe a small fire with those tips that you gave them they’ ll be more likely to be relying on your information, because they’ll know that you know what you’re talking about and they know that you have the tips and strategies that can actually help them to overcome whatever little or possibly bigger issues that they may need to solve, and again all of these things are going to be top of the level things when it comes to your customer funnel or your sales funnel some people call it a marketing funnel, but these are all top of the level things when it comes to a funnel.

You can get an idea of that but all this stuff is really surface level things that you can do to try to attract customers to you and again if you want to do a deeper dive let me know below and I’ll do that for you but when it comes down to these tips these should be things that should come easy to you because whatever it is that you offer is what whether it be a product or service you should already be the expert in that area so you should already know of some things that people can do to solve these common problems that they are having now.

4. Stories or testimonials

The fourth thing that we’re going to be focused on is in stories or testimonials so whenever you are providing tips and speaking to people’s problems and issues that they’re having in attempts to try to attract them to you and your company your product and your service you want to try to use stories. People love stories it draws them in it’s very entertaining and it can help people to engage more with you.

When they actually are hearing a story that relates to a problem that they’re currently having and it also helps people to understand messages that you may be trying to portray because they can actually see an example of how a person had this problem, and then you provided a solution now you want to be focused on a story that a person had a problem and how that problem can possibly you know mess up other things going on in their life. So having stories that relate to the problems that people have can help them to to see that you really understand it and help them to resonate with you a little bit better, but also having testimonials of people overcoming that same problem or stories with people overcoming the same problems that they had all this can help relay your message easier to the customer, and in addition to that get you more clients especially with testimonials because a person can see that somebody use your service or use your product and they actually got a result from it which will help them to know that you actually can help them with their problem

5. Use video whenever possible

The last thing I want to share with you the fifth tip is going to be use video whenever possible now the reason why you want to use video whenever possible.

Trying to solve a problem just understanding the statistics of how things work most people are more drawn to videos and it’s easier to consume information from a video versus taking the time that it takes to read through an article, some people do prefer to read articles and blog posts and things like that but more people tend to connect better and engage more with videos than they do with written content, and you can just look up the stats on that.

Anytime that you’re creating content that you want to post out there online to try to attract customers, I would suggest that you try to do a video because video is going to be the highest converting and the highest engaging content to put out there for customers that they like to receive and consume. I mean when you look at youtube youtube is actually the number two search engine out there so that tells you a lot about how much people prefer to consume videos when they’re trying to learn how to solve a problem, or just consume content in general and if you guys would like to hear more information about starting a youtube channel and you know growing the business that way because that is also a business please let me know down in the comments, I’ ll be glad to start making some content around that as well but anyway I thank you guys for sticking around to the end of the video I hope you found this information useful again.


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