The 5 levels of making money online


Making money online is always going to be one of the most popular topics on Internet, because it’s something that almost all of us want to do, especially when it comes to working from home which more people are doing every day now. It’s amazing and some of you want to be able to earn extra money because that will just help you speed up your goals or make your life a little bit less stressful, and that was true. So today I want to share with you the five styles of making money online. I’m gonna try to make this as realistic as possible because I know not everybody has a large audience that does make it easier when it comes to making money online, and a lot of information doesn’t address that. When it comes to the five styles of making money online.

1. Freelancing

Let’s start with the simplest one that doesn’t require you to have a large audience and that is just doing a service based business or the way that I approached it is freelancing there are a lot of different categories of freelancing. They’re just more opportunities than ever to do that when it comes down to it this is a skill-based way of making money online, so that’s why it doesn’t necessarily require you to have a large audience. What it requires you to do is be capable of something that other people are not capable of that they would also be willing to pay.

For obvious examples of service-based skill sets that differentiate you and make you extraordinarily valuable to people are being a good writer or having the ability to use specific software skills like graphic design or video editing photo editing.
I did a lot of tutorials that were based on software because I wanted to create more free and accessible ways for people who couldn’t afford to go to a good school which is my story. I’ve made you can learn from a lot of other people you can even take affordable courses on skill-share and get structured learning around these things.
If you’re good and fast you could be a great opportunity graphic design is another one copywriting is another there’s just so many opportunities if you learn technical skills or software and you specialize your opportunities to either build a freelancing business a creative boutique agency or anything like that.

2. Selling things

A lot of people make money online through e-commerce and selling things some people make passive income that way but I think that the foundation of services is probably where most people can’t start because they don’t have an audience if you want to sell things then to sell anything you need traffic what a lot of people want is to build an audience because then that is free traffic that they’re not having to pay for but if you can spend even a little bit of money advertising on google, facebook, instagram and tiktok is relatively cheap as long as what you are selling as a product has a really good profit margin on it and this doesn’t have to be selling online courses. If you actually have worked in a career for a couple of years and you know what you’re talking about you can make an online course and sell it. If you want to do it on your own website or anything like.

With selling products you can sell digital products or you can sell physical products for example there are print-on-demand platforms like and with this you can sell t-shirts hoodies you can sell posters there’s all kinds of things that you can create with your skills and abilities.

3. Become a influencer

This has a pretty low buried entry as a lot of people do it with just their smartphone. When you do your best and for a lot of people, your smartphone is better than most of the equipment, you can make content on youtube so if you decide to become a content creator especially on youtube you can monetize with ad revenue as long as you meet the requirements 1000 subscribers 4000 hours of watch time, it’s not as challenging as you might think I know some of you get overwhelmed by that, people can make a lot of money for the first two or three years it just also depends on their approach their niche.

The reason that a lot of people struggle with this is they don’t bother to learn how platforms like youtube or tiktok or instagram work they’re expecting to jump in and make money right away. On something that is a legitimate career that requires you to gain some experience, knowing how cameras work, knowing how to use editing software, knowing how a system or platform actually operates, knowing how to be good on camera are all individual skills that would represent a career you’re rolling like 10 really valid skills seo headline writing all these things into one thing. If you become a content creator it should take you time to be good enough at that to make money, so it may be something feels like a low barrier to entry but the levels of competition are not low.

If you want to be successful and it’s gonna take time. It’s gonna take an investment people who blow up overnight, however it is possible without being rare and without being extraordinarily lucky quote to be successful and to make a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars a month from something like youtube in a realistic way. If you treat it like a real career and the potential can be almost limitless when it comes to this. If you are serious, if you are doing this as a hobbyist then you’re not necessarily trying to be a full-time content creator, you can make a couple hundred bucks doing things you enjoy and like on this platform. That’s the most realistic thing I can tell you.

4. Build your membership communities

If you’re an entertainer you can build an audience that will want exclusive access to you so that’s the draw in for a membership there. However, if you’re someone who has like a formal career or background in something, you might be able legitimately to attract people and to justify creating a group experience or membership around your experience and your expertise especially. If you have a trade or if you have a profession that is very specialized, so these membership communities can be very very lucrative especially long-term but they’re not generally passive income. They are recurring income monthly but typically, because you’re creating an experience they don’t come passive unless you scale and you have a team

5. Build a platform or a software

This is advanced level in tech, you would have to hire other people, which means, you have somebody build a software or build your own platform. You figured it out that is the plan those are what we call goals, hire developers that have the experience of the technical background and the coding knowledge, they might be able to build some type of platform or software whether that’s a like niche content platform.

It could be a much larger investment and there’s a lot of risk involved in this, but if you get it right having a platform or having a software can scale exponentially. Like I said I want to make this as realistic as possible but for some of you out there are coders or you have relationships with people who are and you might want to explore this it might be worthwhile to make a software plug-in for something else, or a you know existing platform it might be worth looking at. You can use the api of another platform and somehow leverage that into a money making opportunity.

I give you a variety of options above and you can determine what’s realistic for you working with. I want you to know that there are opportunities out there that you’re probably leaving on the table or overlooking, or that you might be underestimating yourself, so just realize you can pick any one of these styles that best suits where you are right now.


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