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make money online jobs
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Today I want to share with you how you can make money online this year. It’s a new year we have new goals and making money is one common goal that we all have as someone who’s been working online for over two years now. I have prepared a list of jobs you can do from home. I’ll also be sharing companies associated with these jobs.

1. Online courses selling

Courses online is such a popular side hustle but many people don’t play how profitable this can be and when I say course don’t think about 100 pages or 10 hours long kind of post. You can create a short course. As human beings we have a very short attention span and you can use this to your advantage. If someone had to choose between 500 pages or 50 pages and it’s the same course chances are they will choose the 50 pages of course. I cannot dispute the fact that some courses do require you to go into details, but for the most part you can sell short courses. Some companies that you can use to sell your courses are, and besides selling your course. You can also join their athlete marketing.

You can actually make money by selling your knowledge online. Just pick what you know best or most passionate about most of the content you buy online you can actually find it if you have time to search, sellers are replicating the information, adding their experience and simplifying it for the target audience, and that’s value people pay for perspective. If it took you years to understand or master something why not save us time in the years by selling your knowledge. There is money online and you’re going to take the selling rules you need to stop guessing yourself, believe that people want to hear what you have to say or teach and believe in the value that you are providing.

2. Editing content

This includes editing blogs and short stories but you can also edit videos and pictures, everything is not I never been ahead of kind of jobs. In fact none of the jobs are but the problem with making money online is usually less about not knowing what to do but more so about how to do it or where to go. At the end of this article you will know where to apply for each job. One of the companies you can apply to is this is an uk site that post medical technical scientific and academic writing jobs in order to be considered for this job you need to apply specify how many hours you’re willing to work and also pass an entrance test after passing the entrance test you have to complete the proofreading slash editing course which is free, but the good thing is at the end of the course you will get paid for the number of hours you spend on the course, and if that also goes well you’ll start receiving editing jobs and the company pays weekly.

The second company for editing is this company does not require any degree or experience all you need to be accepted is high level of english and by that I mean you understand english attention to detail ability to meet deadlines, showcase analytical and critical skills and of course computer literacy as an editor your role include correcting stylistic vomiting and grammatical mistakes and in some instances you will be required to elaborate on content and idea development from this website you can earn anywhere between 250 to thousand dollars per month and the company pays via payoneer, paypal. Two more websites for editing are and, multiple editing jobs are posted daily from over the world and usually they specify if a job is location institutive all remote for these two websites. You’re working as a freelancer and hired contractually, so you have to apply for multiple jobs because these are job boards unlike the other sites that cater for only editing jobs here you will find multiple jobs not only editing jobs.

3. Online tutoring

It is the beginning of the year meet many students are looking for additional help you can make money online by tutoring not only english but other subjects as well teaching english online is quite popular and yes you can make a lot of money from that. Some of the companies that are hiring are and, some of them don’t even require any degree, subject to sharing is kind of overlooked but it also has potential to make you money, for example someone applied one of the companies. You was able to make money just from teaching high school kids. Some of the companies that you can apply to for teaching subjects other than english include,, All these companies follow a similar application process you create your profile sell yourself by mentioning educational history or work experience almost everyone get accepted. If you do finish the application you can also apply even if you are still a student. You can kick start stating career by asking someone to book a session with you but you don’t really have to do this student will still find you organically. If you are good at any subjects or even english this is a great opportunity to make some money online.

4. Web development

Web development is one of the few carriers with a high percentage of people who are excellent in it without any degree. Of course not everyone wants to code but this career has endless opportunities. If you have even the slightest interest I highly recommend that you pursue. It the great thing is you can work online. If you are interested in this career you can check, and


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