How to make money on TikTok

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Today I’m going to tell you about the fastest way that I personally know to make money on TikTok. Now you probably know what is TikTok, it’s one of the fastest growing social media apps in the world right now, and you probably know that there’s a lot of money to be made by being a creator on the app. The problem is when my friends tell me they’re trying to make money on TikTok, they’re typically using methods that take a very long time to get started generating money. Here’s what I mean the way most people know to make money on TikTok is by joining their creator fund. Basically the creator fund pays creators based on the engagement and views that their videos received, but there are a few rules first.

The first rule is: you need ten thousand followers to be considered, the second rule is that you need a hundred thousand views on your channel in the past thirty days now. While I think the creator fund is great these numbers are definitely doable, this certainly isn’t a great way to make money if you need to do it fast and especially if you’re new. Not only that but whatever I try to find like look whenever I’m trying to find exactly how much you get paid per video. It’s a little more ambiguous about those figures, which makes it really hard to be consistent on the app and know how much money are you really going to make. So instead what I want to do is I want to show you the fastest way to make money on TikTok, that as long as your videos are getting views you can provide consistent revenue and really help you grow your business. So here’s the steps and we’re going to go through these pretty quickly so pay attention

Step 1. Build an account

Build an account around the like the money making niche the health and fitness niche, make money online, digital marketing and makeup and beauty so those are like the topics, so again make money on the internet health and beauty of course you know anything that has to do with making money on the internet health and beauty and fitness are going to be like the most viewed videos on the planet. These are just the top niches in our industry now.

I would also say that you could probably do something around crypto and the metaverse, if you know much about that you could certainly up and coming topic that’s you know a lot of people are interested in so get make sure you have an account based around one of those niches now. If you don’t know how to make videos you have absolutely no clue what any of that stuff is you can also go to a website called and you can literally buy accounts that are already established, so there’s an account in the health and fitness industry that’s already got 800.000 TikTok followers, you can just buy that account. There’s an account that’s got a ton of people that are learning to make money on the internet. You can buy that account so you can skip the line using Whatever you do you’ve got to have a product or you’ve got to have a niche that’s selected and an account that’s created based on that niche

Step 2. Find a product to promote

As an affiliate. Now if you’re new to in the marketing industry and you’re making money on the internet you might be thinking yourself well. What is an affiliate, an affiliate is literally just a person that is doing marketing for another company and getting paid a commission to do it so for instance all of your favorite websites that you go to right now amazon, bestbuy, walmart, ebay they all have affiliate programs if you scroll to the bottom of their website you’ll see a little button that says affiliate, and you can click that and become an affiliate partner with them. When you send them customers they send you commissions, it’s that simple and the way we do that is through a little link it’s called an affiliate link anytime you are an affiliate of a specific company they give you that link you can put it anywhere including TikTok and then when people click on it and they go to that company and they buy something, you get paid a commission you don’t have to do any support you don’t have to do any selling you have to do anything, you’re just helping them get customers they appreciate it so they pay you a commission.

So once we’ve selected our niche we need to find a product that is similar to that niche. If we’re doing a make money on the internet TikTok account then we need a product that’s going to teach people to make money on the internet, we want to match up the product with the niche so that the traffic and the people watching your TikTok videos would be interested in this affiliate prior in this product that you are an affiliate. For

Step 3. Post value driven content that invites people to click on the link in your bio and buy that product

That’s how we make the sales, now when I say value driven content. I’m talking about content that’s going to help people to better understand why they should be purchasing the product that you are promoting. A lot of times people get caught up in thinking you have to film the content, you don’t many many of these accounts are built by sharing other people’s content as long as you give them credit for it, you can do that so you can share other people’s content, other people’s videos. That are teaching and educating about these different products these different services, these different industries makeup health and fitness you know all of that stuff make money on the internet bitcoin and crypto, all that.

You can share other viral videos make sure you give credit to the person that made that video, and then you can use that video as the value driven content on your channel. This makes it so that you don’t ever have to put your face on a camera, you don’t ever have to film a video, you are literally re-sharing other viral content in your specific niche and using that content to add value and educate people. So that they will then click the link in your bio and buy the product that you are an affiliate for, it’s really simple, we’re just matching up a quality traffic source with a product that that traffic source would be interested in.

Step 4. Building an email list and promoting an ecosystem

So what does that mean well if I just send people directly to the product as an affiliate then it’s great I can earn some commissions, but if I grab the email address first. If I grab all of those people’s email address, guess what I’ll build a massive list that I can just send simple emails to, and I can make even more money from it. When you build an email list you build an asset. When you build that asset it has value and the value is that you can tap into it at any point of time and make money on the very first emails you sent.


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