How does Meta universe make money?

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Some people may have doubts. I am very satisfied with real life and have no interest in games. Is it necessary to come to the Meta universe?. Of course there are, because you can make money here! Many meta-universe concept games are no longer a krypton gold contest between RMB players. For example, although space, equipment and other trading objects, as well as regular game upgrades, remain the same, the trading Methods have changed. They established a connection with the blockchain and began to point to the future. Blockchain is also an important reason why they are called “metacosmic concept” games. For example, CV and decentraland are projects based on Ethereum. Users must log in with the Metamask wallet to start trading. After being certified, tradable land and equipment will be officially marked as NFT assets. If their ownership changes, they will also be recorded on the blockchain, and some data may be set for public viewing.

For example, NFT has been very popular recently. Many creators have taken a fancy to the display space and blockchain nature of such games, and have begun to buy or lease land in concept games, set up showrooms, and conduct exhibitions and sales.

NFC works purchased here can also be placed on opensea for a second transaction. At the same time, as the owner of the land, once a distinctive display space is created, lease and sale will increase the value of the land and form a virtuous circle of capital. In the future, players can also earn money from the meta-universe. Just like the real world, there are architects building houses, gardeners planting flowers and plants, etc. All things in this world will be marked with Blockchain for their uniqueness and the legality of transactions. The model is just like what the concept game shows.

In addition, the reality of Metaverse represents that it will have more unlimited development space, that is, ordinary merchants use this as a display platform, and copy the physical transactions in reality here. For example, such an idea is not impossible: move your online store to the virtual shopping street of the Meta universe, display physical photos on the shelves, and follow the detailed. Introduction in Taobao format. Consumers can shop and order here, then you will become a Meta universe merchant.

Such a future is also in the evolutionary possibility of the Meta universe. Of course, if you only see the speculative opportunities that the Meta universe is touted, and ignore the practical significance of the Meta universe, then the metauniverse has truly become a concept. Looking at the Meta universe objectively and rationally, and truly finding more connections between the Meta universe and real business. Is the key to realizing the breakthrough of the Meta universe.

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