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I want to share with you a few tips to run a successful Etsy business (etsy.com), let’s get started. I’m going to talk about five main topics and all of these are very easy to implement not everyone thinks of doing it, but I do think if you use all of them you have much higher chances of succeeding on Etsy and it can take your business to the next level.
The first thing that I want to talk about is doing proper keyword and niche research.

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1. Find niches using the etsy search bar

The Etsy search bar works quite well, it’s a great way to find ideas to find niches that are currently selling. You can also find trends by doing this and you can also find good keywords to use keywords that can be profitable for your business. The main ideas behind this is to use the Etsy search bar mainly for trends, because it gives you the all the the current trends that are going on Etsy, and then you can use successful listings that already exist from other shops to get keyword ideas now. I wouldn’t recommend copying those keywords, but you can you of mix them up and just get some inspiration from these shops that are selling well and you can create your own keywords, your own titles for example and just use a formula that is already working for someone else, and you can apply the same formula by using obviously different keywords. Do not copy them please and then you have other tools that might be free or paid, create a video on a review on Etsy, I’ve been using that just to get some some keywords for my competition but there are other tools those are paid i’ve never used them to be honest. But I know they are very powerful and I know other people that use them.

For example let me show you by using the search bar to look for trends of Etsy and it also works on other print on the main platforms like redbubble for example is that it gives you ideas straight away for niches for things that are trending. You can start by just looking at this so gifts for her, gifts for him, for kids holiday holiday, clothing so these can be a keyword in itself and it can design for holiday clothing but the best thing is to use the search bar, if you just click on the search bar Etsy will show you what’s popular right now now.

Don’t copy the title I will insist on this, but you definitely can get some inspiration from this title that the person has created, and you can do something similar. You can tweak it you can you can make it better even hopefully and start ranking for these keywords now. What I would recommend you to do is to use a few different listings and mix them up and and use a bunch of different keywords that you can you can increase your chances of ranking higher for one of these.

2. Create beautiful thumbnails

Now my second tip to run a successful Etsy business is to create beautiful thumbnails, what I like to do is, if it’s a t-shirt for example I will take the t-shirt mock-up from Printful (printful.com). I will add it to canva or whatever software, I will add like a nice background something that pops something with a lot of colors just just so it attracts people’s attention, because the thing is on Etsy you’re allowed to do whatever you want. Basically this is not merged by amazon this is not as standardized as redbubble for example so. You can do whatever you want with your listings. If they have boring thumbnails and you have a beautiful thumbnail that pops, then people will probably click on your thumbnail, and you will increase your click through rate your ctr, that’s what you’re looking for.

Here another thing that I like to do is to zoom in to the design as much as possible to make it very big especially if it’s a text based design, I like to make it very big and easy to read, because people don’t like reading titles and you will probably be using a lot of keywords in your title. It will be a bit confusing maybe so people tend not to read those things. They will just read the thumbnail they want to see the photo, and if you make it very big and easy to read then people will probably click on your thumbnail.

3. Run sales constantly

Another way to stand out on Etsy is to run sales constantly. Now the big advantage of this is your customer will think that you are offering a discount. Well. It is a discount obviously so it adds some value in a way the customer will think that they are getting a great deal on that product if they see when they’re searching for a product the original price is erased, and then you have the discounted price next to it. I’m getting a nice deal from this so I highly recommend you guys to be offering discounts the whole time I usually offer 10% or 15% off of all my products, I would recommend you guys to also offset your price so you don’t lose money by doing this. If you want to make a certain profit so if you want to make like five dollars profit per shirt and at your current price, you will be making less money if you offer a discount, just go on Etsy and offset your price so you can increase your price a little bit in order to offer a discount, and just get the same profit but with the added value to your customer for them they will be getting a deal

4. Offer free shipping

Another thing that I would recommend you to do is regarding shipping so if you can offer free shipping, that’s a big plus because people love to get things for free so if you’re giving them free shipping they will be happy for sure. But this is not always possible so what I usually do is I offer free shipping to the united states just because my prices are usually thought out for the united states market so I am able to offer free shipping to the united states, but if I do that for other countries then I end up losing some money so for example for europe or canada or australia it’s usually there’s higher costs and shipping is also a bit more expensive sometimes. So if I offer free shipping to all those I end up losing money on sale. What I did was I created a shipping profile with so free shipping to the united states and then I’ll charge, four dollars to ship an item to the uk, or three dollars to ship something to europe, or six dollars to canada, it depends on on your production partner shipping rates so I use Printful.

5. Try to diversify your products

I would say try to diversify your products as much as possible in the beginning I was offering only t-shirts in my shops and I saw that hoodies and mugs are actually selling quite well so I started to list hoodies mugs and now. I’m getting into hats as well and tote bags so I’m trying to offer as many products as possible and this is very easy to do if you use Printful for example which is my production partner of choice, it’s very easy to just offer these other products you just have to you can use the same design and list them on mug. You can list them on the on the tote bag, you can list them on hoodie on a hat. It just creates more options for your customers, you will get much more traffic to your shop.

My second tip is to offer custom items and I don’t do that a lot but I’m planning on doing that more in 2022 and that is basically to create things that your customer can customize. Let’s say you have this funny design and then you were offering to add a name for free, just imagine how much value you’re adding at your for your customer. Let’s say they can buy the same design from two different sellers, but one of these sellers are is also offering to add the person’s name on the t-shirt obviously, this is such a nice thing to do and it’s such a huge addition in value. I’m sure it will increase your conversions, and you can do that with Printful, it’s very easy when you create your listing on Etsy. You just set up that custom option, and then once the you have an order placed on Etsy, and if it’s indicated that it’s a custom order then Printful will send you an email saying that you have to take action and customize that item. You just have to see what kind of customization your your customer wants, and you just add that to your design and that’s it and then it’s going to be printed by Printful.

So it’s a little bit less automated than than just offering non-customized items but I think it’s such a nice way to add value that it might increase your sales a lot and you will have more work but not that much, and it might be worth it, this is completely up to you of course. You don’t have to do this to succeed on Etsy. But I see a lot of sellers offering customizable items. I do think it’s a big thing on Etsy and customers expect to be able to customize something.


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