5 strategies for attracting customers in 2022

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One of the reasons why so many people drop out of network marketing is because they spend more money than they need to in order to get a quick profit. Most of them seldom even see a profit because the first thing they are taught is to play a numbers game using outdated techniques. When all the hard work and money they invest does not turn around within the first month, they either get mad or scared and quit cold.

1. One method that gets a lot of attention as online business systems

When you hear someone telling you about a turnkey system that provides you with a fancy website and high quality leads, run fast in the other direction. A fancy website just sits in space if you do not know the proper ways to get your target audience to it. Just remember there is no such thing as a good quality lead, all leads stink and the less you pay for them the better.

2. Pay per click advertising as another way to find your target audience

This is when you set up an account on google or any search engine for that matter, and pay only when people click on your ad, this is far more effective and sometimes cheaper than traditional newspaper ads because you are in control of how much you spend. You can turn your account on and off with the click of a button to make sure you don’t go broke. However if you do not know what you are doing you can get into deep financial debt, again getting a proper education in marketing is essential will teach you exactly what to do.

3. Writing articles and submitting them to distribution sites designed to get your message out will attract the people you want

You do not have to place an ad offering a special bonus in order to attract attention to yourself and your product network marketing is about helping people and when you write articles you offer information to help them without asking anything in return.

4. Blogging goes hand in hand with writing articles

All of this is free if you are willing to devote some time into writing for the sake of helping people. Your company will not teach you this because they do not put the focus on them and their product. They want you to go out and shout from the rooftops as a way to advertise for them but that is not what will give you the best results for the time you are spending or the success of your business.

5. Use as youtube.com to display videos and powerpoint presentations

People who are interested in what you have to say will do a search and watch your video. This works the same way as article writing and blogging, even pay-per-click advertising in that people are coming to you for advice about solving their problem. They already have a desire for you to help them.

These 5 techniques alone should be enough to get someone started making profit within their first month in network marketing and they won’ t make you want to quit if you haven’t become filthy rich by the end of month 2. I spent 10 years barely breaking even using expensive outdated techniques because everyone around me was using them once I began to think like a marketer and apply these cost-efficient techniques I tripled my sales.


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