4 steps make money from Google 2022: copy & paste

make money from google
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Let’s start right here I will show you how you can facilitate google in order to get paid repeatedly, so everything here will require less than 30 minutes, in an instance where paypal isn’t available in your country or you don’t prefer paypal to be your payment method, I will show you how you’re able to choose other options as well. If ever you don’t want to set up paypal you can pick up another payment option for the various choices available such as a bank transfer, payoneer and many more

Step 1. Search

Go to google.com and next search up google news, after that head on to the first website which is news. Google.com this is a website where you can look for the latest news and the most recent articles about all the topics around the world. It can be compared to a newspaper and you can find everything here ranging from political news, business, technology, entertainment, sports, science, health history and many more whichever you prefer. This website has it all now how can this earn you money and how will you receive your free paypal cash, hold on to your seats and stay tuned you will see how these functions here on the left you can see all the various columns which can be news about global updates and it can also be about what is now happening around worldwide. You have access to your local news, however this will not be our focus, you should only turn on business technology, entertainment, sports, science,

Step 2. Copy

Open one of these articles, worry less because you will not be required to produce articles and you will not sell a single thing, this also has no relation to affiliate marketing, cpa marketing or whatever. All you’re required to do is open that article then start copying text from it. For an instance

Step 3. Rewrite

Proceed to the website spinbot.net, here you will paste what you copied from the article which you discovered on google news, spinbot.net will revise that article for you so you can have it in your own words, which means it will become unique from its origin. You will be using the articles on three more sites which I will share right now. Those sites will compensate you for the articles a few of them are seriously waiting to pay you one dollar for a word as you observe, those articles sometimes reach a peak of thousands of words and you can calculate the rest. Moreover once you hone it out the article, now the tool will revise the entire pasted text which is the article for your convenience now see that the context is still similar but with a few tweaks with the used words. It is using synonyms and it’s alternately writing in on your customized words,

Step 4. Paste

Copy the revised article and use it for the following three websites and get compensated for all of the articles. The first website that we will be using is eatingwell.com. With this website you can pass your own articles and get money for doing so now, aside from you doing all the hard work writing articles can take up two days. You can simply use google news and spinbot.net to develop unique and high quality articles. The good thing is they will pay you up to a dollar for a word. This is the first website and two more are waiting to be unleashed to you, just on this website you can get a payment of a dollar per word meaning if you take an article containing thousands of words that can be converted to thousands of dollars for that article only, and it only takes 30 minutes or less of your time for copy pasting now.

How do you forward your articles so you can earn money here on this page just navigate down a bit up to where you can locate this section, where you can look for their contact details. You can just grab their email address open your email and send them an email with a subject describing about an article submission or submission only or somewhere in between, just attach your file with your own article you created with spinbot.net. Once you forward that email it will appeal for review. If they approve it they will ask you details for the payment you will state that your payment method will be through paypal and then you will indicate your paypal account and your email. If you want to get paid by bank transfer just leave your bank information to them as it follows to the other payment mode available.

You have an infinite choice of the methods because new articles are coming in google news every few hours, so you can get those articles get it revised by spinbot.net and paste them in a word document or save it to your device and send it to the websites. Okay just to recap the first site where you can pass your articles again is eatingwell.com

You may also forward articles on sierraclub.org. It is posted on our website on how you were able to deliver your articles on this site you just have to be diligent and follow these instructions right here you easily need to email at this address, copy this and access your email again just put the contact information and for the subject type in a submission and you’re all set. You just need to deliver your article. With sierraclub.org you’re not only viable to submit health related and fitness articles unlike eating well, but you will be required to search for something technology or science related. Moreover open an article from the science section and then copy paste to spinbot.net for revision then deliver it to sierraclub.org‘s email address.

Finally the third and last website where we can also send articles is daily: jstory.org you may look at their submission guidelines and read about how it functions. This website will however compensate less cash but it’s still worth it, because you can earn additional digits and max up your effect with this tactic. The finest thing about this website is that they will ask you up to 2000 words only and they will reimburse you 31 cents for a word again. It’s not as big as the other two websites but it’s fair enough, a 31 cents average for a per word basis is not bad at all. It will quickly stack off. The more articles you send on these sites the more money you will earn on that, note not every article will be approved but even if you manage to start with one article daily that still ranges to hundreds and best thousands a day which is copy pasting.

It is all free guaranteed and you won’t have to hang. You can start right here right now with this technique, with that said you can do this repeatedly endlessly and save up a good amount of cash. I hope you were able to learn something valuable today and of course we would like to know what you think about this article please leave a comment down below.


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