3 Strategies to start a business without money

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Within this article I’m going to be breaking down top three strategies which are going to help you start a business in 2022 with hardly any money also make sure that you read this entire article because i’m gonna be telling you about one of my favorite tools which is absolutely imperative for anyone who’s trying to start a business in 2022 and beyond,

1. Pick a low-cost business model

The online education space is incredibly budget friendly, it does not require any startup costs. Especially if you’re not doing things like starting a youtube channel where you even need good lighting. You can literally start setting your services and your expertise online without money at all, you don’t even have to build your own website to get started, you can use other platforms like fiverr for example where you can find clients using their website, and that’s actually how you go about making your money and flying and finding clients that way, or for example if you’re deciding to set a digital product which is another example of a business model which doesn’t require any money. You can use a platform like etsy which actually doesn’t require any investment costs and instead you pay them a proportion of your sales, versus paying for a platform like shopify, and you know paying for a website designer, and stuff like that.

There are ways around that as well but there are also other businesses which aren’t necessarily online education which also don’t require a lot of startup costs things like dog walking, becoming a dog walker for your neighborhood, and for your neighbors requires any startup costs. You can go out there spread the word and knock on people’s doors and form a relationship that way especially if you’re someone who knows your neighbors already go out there and just ask them hey do you need a dog walker, because i’ve got some spare time on my hands things like that does not require any startup costs.

Also what skills you have and potentially how you can monetize that on a digital format for example are you a graphic designer. If you’re a graphic designer you can start sending your services online on a freelance basis without having to spend any start-up costs or are you someone who’s super gifted at copywriting. If so that’s another service that you can sell to business owners online, if you’re sitting there thinking I don’t have any skill that I can monetize and sell online.

If you do really believe that you don’t have a skill, seek one out there’s so much information available online nowadays that you can actually learn how to do a skill from scratch for free, if you really wanted to just using platforms like youtube, but if you’re willing to invest a small startup cost there are other platforms that you can use where you can learn different skills online. If you search that on google you’ll find a bunch of them but there are so many resources available online nowadays where you can learn new skill. If you’re looking for something to monetize so that is our first strategy is all about picking a business model which requires any startup costs.

2. Be really savvy with the tools that you’re using to get started

For some businesses, if you’re already set on a certain business idea like, for example you want to create an online boutique and that is just what you want to do and you don’t want to hear about any other different business models which require a smaller investment. You’re set on that I totally get that I’ve had my own online boutiques I get where you’re coming from what you now need to do. If you already agreed on a business model which might require a bit of money, you need to think about the tools you’re using you need to get savvy about those.

We wanted to tell you about this incredible tool which is really going to help you set up your business in the most cost efficient way possible, that is a company called Taylor Brands (tailorbrands.com). Taylor Brands is an all-in-one solution to jump-start your business now, I say all-in-one I really, and truly mean all-in-one they have the ability to do so much for you in the early stages or even the later stages of your business, it’s wild and all for a really cost efficient price. I’m going to tell you about some of the things that they can help you do just to really bring to life how useful. This tool will be in the early stages of your business formation, so one of my favorite tools that taylor brand offers is a logo makeup, now their logo maker is backed by artificial intelligence which means you could go for the process of answering a few questions and Taylor Brands will generate a logo for you.

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In case you’ve never seen it before so let’s say that i’m going to put an example called test I’m not going to put a tagline right say my brand’s called test I’m going to press design it’s going to generate for a second and it’s gonna ask me what i’m saying, so say I’m selling physical goods, and i’m gonna say clothing and accessories, okay you can fill in the page to tell them more about what we do, that’s gonna help them come up with a logo what’s gonna be even more suitable to you.

That isn’t the only tool or service that they offer they also have this really amazing service where they basically form your business as an LLC for you, an LLC is a limited liability company and it essentially just makes your business a legal entity, and it’s a really vital step for anyone who’s really serious about making their business official and legit. It’s also super scary and like I it literally petrifies me that whole process, but taylor brand’s service gets rid of all of the scary elements of forming your LLC and basically just does it for you.. You can actually go on their website and check out the different steps that it will take you through but it’s a super easy way of forming your LLC. It could also do things like trademark your logo for.

That’s another super scary thing about starting a business which could be really complicated, unless you use a service like Taylor Brands and it also could do a bunch of other stuff like they can design your website, it can find and sort out your domain name, it can create merchandise for you like it really is an one-stop shop for everything you need to form your business, but more importantly than that it’s also super cost efficient, it’s super super cost efficient and a great tool for you to use if you want to start your business with hardly any money in 2022.

3. Sell the concept first

The main ways to keep start up costs down for these boutiques was actually by selling products before we had them in stock right. We would get samples of the products that we wanted to sell check that they were okay, check that we had a good relationship with the supplier, and make sure that was okay with everything like that make sure we knew how long it took for the items to get delivered, and everything like that.

So we make sure that we’ve checked all of my products and then we would take my photos get my imagery and sell them online, and we would sell them through a process called pre-ordering, so what that would essentially involve is people would be able to purchase my bag for example on pre-order knowing that it’s going to take a couple weeks for it to arrive, and when they make that purchase, we will then use that money to buy that bag and I’d get it sent to me and then ship it off to them that’s one example of how you can use this strategy for physical items.


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