3 Digital Marketing Tips for Successful Outsourcing

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marketing in the digital age might not be as complicated as people explain, it to be there are ways to increase your online traffic without having to work on coding utilizing complicated tools and other technicalities. Once you get everything set up with all your sites and platforms, it becomes simple enough. If you are new to this you might be hesitant thinking that it would be too hard to understand. Here are three quick and easy tips that you can do to produce better results with your outsourcing

1. Add your personal touch

Make your readers feel like it is you who is reaching out to them and not just a mere cold emotionless machine. Humans as we are, we seek compassion no matter how great your business is if your consumer does not feel accepted heard or comforted with your service it will not be worth their time. Digital marketing is all around us from the videos podcasts content creations and commercials and people don’t waste their time just to see or listen to boring and meaningless stuff on the internet.

In a post by IPSOS it is stated that 53 of consumers or potential clients do not completely trust brands at all until they see for themselves the proof of their claims.
Most business owners who engage more and check regularly on their clients tend to have more long-term customers. It is because they are more likely to work with the person rather than the brand, adding your personal touch makes your brand more authentic develops and strengthens the brand’s culture proves as a powerful tool for good leadership and builds trust with customers. Besides the service or the product you offer your customers want to know the story behind your business

2. Make use of hashtag

It does not apply to all platforms but hashtags keep your business relevant and that is a fact. Using hashtags highlight your posts to a specific group audience or industry to help those interested in your business or content find you. It is a way to filter out unwanted posts, the main social media platforms such as youtube, linkedin, twitter, facebook and instagram optimize their search engine with hashtags before the words present in your content the internet is already programmed to chase down hashtags to compile related content and images. In a statistics report by data report or published in april 2021, the latest data shows that there are 4.33 billion social media users around the world during the start of 2021 leading to an average of over 55% of the total world population.

As reported by compare camp in 2020 for instagram with one billion users an account with less than a thousand followers get 79.5 more interactions with posts with 11 hashtags. Individuals that generally use hashtags in twitter are proven to have a hundred percent increase in online presence and a fifty five percent chance of getting retweeted

3. Use the 80/20 rule

As an entrepreneur being familiar with the pareto principle or the 80/20 rule will change the pace of how you run your business. This is the universal truth on the imbalance of the world. To make it simple twenty percent of sales representatives generate eighty percent of total sales. If it’s still confusing think of your own home, twenty percent of the day you spend in the kitchen at 80 you spend it in bed. It’s a matter of habit in your personal life in business this is crucial in client prospecting you have to do 20 talking and 80 understanding what your customer needs.

In marketing you have to keep your promotional content at the minimum focus on interesting content to attract leads and clients rather than selling your services and products use the 80/20 rule make sure that 80 of your content focuses on informative, relatable, relevant and informational of your business and a lot 20 of it to promoting your brand. Marketing is all about luring your potential leads and clients.

Yes you need to profit however gaining clients and retaining them for a long time is what keeps your business alive. Your business when effectively harnessed and properly communicated through digital marketing outsourcing and lead prospecting will be the least of your problems. You can focus more on expanding your business without having to devote your entire life. Let your business work for you and not the other way around, a wise investment will be getting a digital marketing assistant no matter how easy the tasks are your time. Instead of having to waste time and effort let someone who is skilled and trained do it for you. Global officeworks has a helping hand that can provide you the results you need. We are a company that specializes in supporting small and mid-sized enterprises that need support in administrative digital marketing and customer care.


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