What is the Meta Universe?

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Today, I am glad to bring a new topic about what is the Meta universe? Looking at the various developments related to Metaverse over the past period of time, it is not difficult to see that whether it is Internet giants, scientific research institutions, Universities, and even investment institutions, Metaverse has been regarded as a key development goal.

What is the Meta universe? Meta means “meta” and “transcendence”, verse refers to the universe, and the combined Meta Universe refers to a virtual world parallel to the real world supported by AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and other technologies. Simply put, everyone and things in the real world are digitally projected into this cloud world, and you can do anything you can do in the real world in this world. At the same time, you may also do things you can’t do in the real world. Metaverse does not specifically refer to a certain application or product. It is a concept, a parallel universe carried by digital form, and we must be clear that Metaverse is not a game, but it is currently carried in the form of a game..

Wikipedia’s description of the meta-universe is: through virtual augmented physical reality, presenting the characteristics of convergence and physical persistence, based on the future. Internet, a 3D virtual space with link perception and sharing characteristics, its essence is: A parallel universe.

What is the Meta universe? How does Metaverse make money? Metaverse describes the way of life in the future. “Real Name”, “The Matrix”, and “Neural Wanderer”. All have the shadow of the metaverse. We are in the “Top Player”, “Out of Control Player”, “Western World” science fantasy China. Has also seen what this world looks like.

Meta universe = game?.
Meta universe is not someone’s life-saving straw, let alone a panacea, but an antidote to Internet players’ stubborn illnesses. This is true for both blockchain players and Internet giants such as Tencent and Facebook. Therefore, we might as well regard Metaverse as a medicine for Internet players represented by Tencent to cure their own chronic diseases. With it, Tencents can find the correct way and method to realize the true Internet. The 4D movies, VR games and somatosensory games that we come into contact with in our daily life can be regarded as a “miniature” of the meta-universe.

At present, games are only one of the fields, but it is the field that fits the meta-universe the most and can carry the richest information. In the past, games have always been an unilateral relationship, that is, only developers or game owners can get financial benefits, and players can only enjoy fun and continue to consume.

And now a new economic model has been introduced. That is, the game model of playing and making. Money,
The play-and-earn game model embraces the concept of an open economy and financially rewards users who add value through playing Games and investing time in the game ecosystem NFT has made a variety of attempts in Metaverse, and even some fans and players have arranged “Andy Lau Solo Exhibition” in the game. If in the future, physical trading or e-commerce transactions in the real world will be translated to Metaverse, a new trading framework will be built, or A huge profitable market will be formed. Many people also think that Metaverse is mainly about playing games, and entertainment will obviously become an important part of it. But I don’t think that games are everything. Metaverse is the Internet, and games are only part of the Internet. The concept of Meta universe has exploded recently, from the establishment of the first Domestic Meta universe association, the holding of the China Meta universe summit, to the establishment of the Meta universe industry by Internet technology giants at home and abroad, to the famous singer Lin Junjie Yuan Universe buying land. Regardless of whether it is at the official level, the folks or individuals, they are embracing the meta-universe era. For the exhibition hall design industry, Metaverse breaks the boundaries between reality and virtuality to create an immersive experience. Meta universe, the mainstream development of the future exhibition hall? Some scholars believe that Metaverse has three core technologies: One is extended reality technology, including VR and AR, The second is the digital twin, which can mirror the real world into the virtual world, the third is to use blockchain to build an Economic system.

As more and more people enter this meta-universe, everyone will spontaneously build a “meta-universe” together, and continue to open up wasteland and build this meta-universe. Then the Internet technology giants are the masters of this world and the god of creation; They are responsible for formulating and maintaining the rules of this virtual world. Entering the Meta universe, you can go shopping, play, trade, and communicate; Of course, there are more. A barren world will slowly evolve and flourish around “clothing, food, housing, transportation, entertainment, and commerce”! So, for the pavilion design industry, the same can also be done in the Meta universe to build an exhibition hall in Meta universe, you need to buy a piece of real estate first, and then design an exhibition hall, everyone can go in and visit!


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