what is a digital strategy and why does your company need one?

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We’re going to answer the question: what is a digital strategy and why does your company need one?
Everyone knows that in business you need to have a strategy you can remove the word digital altogether without a strategy your business cannot function the internet is just about everywhere connecting people and businesses across time and space the digital era has dissolved borders making the world smaller and smaller every day, and yes we are sure you’ve heard this all before digital companies have taken the world by storm but with that being said not enough businesses are taking advantage of this opportunity. You now have to constantly make changes to keep up with the ever-changing market with endless possibilities.

The question to ask your business is: how do we identify the right digital initiatives for our company? That is what this article is here to help you figure out in this article we are going to discuss the different segments you need to consider in order to build an effective digital strategy. We will then cover the importance of planning and what it takes to execute a complete and effective digital strategy that will help grow your business without wasting your money.

Finally we will help you decide where to start your digital journey and which platform would result in sending the most traffic to your website. There are many aspects to consider when building a digital strategy, but the roots of all of them are these four fundamental parts who is your audience what are they interested in what platforms do they use. Engaging content is your content something your audience would engage with, which platform would you get the most connection to your audience from and data getting usable data that counts.

First let’s break down your audience using internet data such as cookies you can engage with customers before they even arrive on your website by looking at your analytics you can find out who is showing interest in your company and thus figure out who your target audience is who talks about your brand and topics. Is it anyone of influence or someone that people follow perhaps a celebrity. You can use this to bring more attention to your brand and open up future opportunities. What content is most useful to your audience, remove irrelevant content and show your audience the content that matters, focus on the data and test different content options, find out which channels or platforms your audience is using. There are many platforms to choose from such as google, facebook, twitter or even pinterest but the best way to start is by finding out what is trending among your audience.

Find out which content performs best on that platform, measure, analyze and tweak to find the best performing outcome analysis. Look at the tools that provide real-time data these would serve the most useful to your business early on as you’ll be able to make changes quickly and effectively, look at the tools that can analyze that data for you. Then look at the tools that can automate the process for you. But the most important thing is figuring out which dots accounts for your business, which metrics would mean the most for you and your company. Now you know who your target audience is which platforms they are using and which content would be the most effective for your brand.

The next step would be to set this out on paper this will require four phases of execution: set a vision, stop and think, create a business case and prioritize first. The vision, you have to ask yourself where would I like my company to be digitally then once you know where you want to be ask how do I get there? Now you need to stop and think, look at your business internally. Are your processes working the way you want them to is your business functioning at its optimum? Look at your business externally. What are the needs and expectations of your customers or business partners? Look at the development within yours and other companies in your industry what are the current trends?

Business case, you want to make well-informed decisions about your digital investment based on data and not based on assumption or needs ideas. What will give the most for less you want your company to focus on digital possibilities as true business development instead of just online marketing, and you will only apply initiatives which stand a chance of making an impact financially or brand wise. It is important for your company to think holistically even though it may require more research and planning the outcome will be worth it in the end. Now it is time to act prioritize put the easiest and smallest projects at the top for each project your business will become better at executing digitally. This will help you close the gap between your company and its digital vision, making the next steps easier and easier.

Where to start? Now the obvious question is where do I start and how do I use this information to get more traffic to my website, try to start with one platform and master it before moving on to the next whether it be google, facebook or even linkedin start where your target audience is going to engage with your brand the most. Today we live in a content first world, people are looking for information before they bar so you need to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, some great advice would be to help rather than cold sell. Using this method you can create returning customers who brag about your brand, not because it may be the best brand but because of the effect it had on their own personal life with that being said. Here are some tricks you can use to help grow an audience and create an engaging customer base:

1. Blogging with SEO in mind

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how a search engine such as google finds out what your website is about through the use of keywords. This way they are able to serve up your website to the most relevant audience, do some keyword research what will customers be searching in google for example how to set up a website or how to change a tire. Help people solve their problems and engage with your product on your website. If you have an article on your website that answers one of these questions, you’re already creating a connection, you can then link your products on your website within the article perhaps selling a tyre wrench or car jack, having relevant keywords on your website contribute to your seo score, which would help give your website a better ranking. The benefits of ranking include free traffic, consistent traffic and passive traffic. This all plays a big role in getting new customers to your site consistently and most importantly for free

2. Social media marketing

Focus on one social media channel when you’re just starting out it takes time to build a following but numbers aren’t everything. What you want is a loyal following. When you dip your toes into every social media out there the attention gets divided and the results get diluted so which social media marketing channel do you choose go where your target audience is and cater to that platform, for example if your target audience is a little younger you may want to use facebook whereas if you are targeting a more corporate audience then you may want to use linkedin engage with your audience on these platforms this will give them a sense of trust in your website and will keep them coming back for more of your brand.

3. Paid advertising

With paid advertising it is important that you do not throw your money blind into an ad network because you read it was good. What works for one person may not work for another instead think of the ABC of advertising an audience which we have already discussed, B budget and C commerciality let’s look at budget look for the most relevant keywords with the lowest cost per click by doing keyword research you are able to figure out which keywords work the best for your product and your budget, the more relevant the keywords are the better conversion rate you’ll have and if you can accomplish that with a smaller budget then it just makes sense.

You could also try to experiment with less popular ad platforms this may save you some money as there may be less competition on that particular platform. Commerciality you have to try and find a way to bridge the gap between the intent of the platform and how you want to monetize your product. This may be accomplished by using clever content be smart on how you spend your money. Don’t just sell your product on a platform like facebook as mentioned before. Try a blog post with links to the relative products or something that will grab the attention of your audience and then task them to engage with your content number

4. Email marketing

Email marketing is a great tool to turn one-time customers into returning customers. It is also a way to create more hype about an upcoming product launch or special. In order to begin email marketing you need to turn traffic into subscribers as well as opt-in forms to convert visitors into subscribers focus on building your email list from day one. This way you do not miss out on any customers especially the first few. Try be realistic with your goals do some research on the engagement rates of emails and use that to curate the perfect email that attracts the most potential customers. Try put more time into your email list as your audience grows.

Some customers may not be interested in all of your products so splitting your audience may result in a better return in the long run and finally digital strategy is not about investing a ton of money into your company’s online media budget. It is an inseparable part of the company’s core fundamentals, not just moving your company forward but making it truly part of the digital era. Now we want to hear from you which strategy do you think is the most effective for your company if you enjoyed this article or found it somewhat helpful make sure to leave a comment


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