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Date Added: 2018-01-27
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“Retargeting has come a long way in the last few years. Originally seen as a super complex and expensive tactic available only to big businesses, retargeting has recently become a must-have advertising tactic for all businesses. More importantly, it’s now affordable and learnable for even the newest entrepreneur!”

Take a look inside this product:

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    • For You Only
      • Follow Up Emails
        • RT Follow Ups.txt (2.35KB)
      • Graphics and FB Ad
        • 2decover_1160x1687 (4).jpg (255.81KB)
        • binderfront_917x1106 (4).png (1.16MB)
        • disc_876x876 (4).png (594.80KB)
        • dvdcaseclosed_707x1083 (5).png (875.90KB)
        • ezinelayingcurvy_778x526 (5).png (458.34KB)
        • hardcoverjacket_747x1076 (5).png (1.01MB)
        • imacfront_1283x1083 (4).png (1.18MB)
        • imacleft_790x926 (4).png (771.85KB)
        • imacrt_1143x1086 (5).png (1.22MB)
        • ipadlt_823x978 (5).png (815.61KB)
        • ipadmini_707x1018 (4).png (923.47KB)
        • ipadrt_823x978 (7).png (813.17KB)
        • iphone6greyright_575x1711 (5).png (940.69KB)
        • ipodhorizontal_600x400 (4).png (290.29KB)
        • macbookfront_1783x1085 (4).png (1.96MB)
        • tabletrt_1165x785 (4).png (1.13MB)
        • VPLR RETARGETING 1200×628 FB Ad.JPG (422.03KB)
        • VPLR Transparent RETARGETING.PNG (1.03MB)
      • Slides
        • IMPORTANT READ THIS – Copy (3).txt (122.00B)
        • VPLR Retargeting 01.pptx (11.25MB)
        • VPLR Retargeting 02.pptx (13.82MB)
        • VPLR Retargeting 03.pptx (17.86MB)
        • VPLR Retargeting 04.pptx (12.11MB)
      • Word Docs
        • VPLR eBook Retargeting WORD DOC NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION.docx (1.13MB)
        • VPLR Report Retargeting WORD DOC NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION.docx (2.03MB)
        • Word Editing Tutorial.mp4 (37.96MB)
      • Rebranding Tutorial.mp4 (64.03MB)
    • For Your Customers
      • Audio
        • VPLR Retargeting 01_01.mp3 (2.91MB)
        • VPLR Retargeting 02_01.mp3 (5.49MB)
        • VPLR Retargeting 03_01.mp3 (9.53MB)
        • VPLR Retargeting 04_01.mp3 (3.78MB)
      • eBook
        • VPLR eBook Retargeting.pdf (369.81KB)
      • Report
        • VPLR Report Retargeting.pdf (172.76KB)
      • Videos
        • VPLR Retargeting 01.mp4 (44.08MB)
        • VPLR Retargeting 02.mp4 (66.62MB)
        • VPLR Retargeting 03.mp4 (126.85MB)
        • VPLR Retargeting 04.mp4 (48.13MB)
    • desktop.ini (115.00B)
    • Internet Marketing Blog.url (114.00B)
    • License.txt (745.00B)
    • Recommended Marketing Tools And Extras.pdf (201.31KB)


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