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Date Added: 2018-01-27
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“Despite all the talk you might hear about Facebook ads not working, the fact is that all of the major online entrepreneurs and digital marketers use Facebook ads. Facebook remains the single most attractive advertising opportunity in terms of native ad presentation, targeting, demographic data, active users, and a host of other factors.”

Take a look inside this product:

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    • For You Only
      • Follow Up Emails
        • FB Follow Ups.txt (2.81KB)
      • Graphics and FB Ad
        • 2decover_1160x1687 (1).jpg (241.74KB)
        • binderfront_917x1106 (2).png (1.00MB)
        • disc_876x876 (2).png (482.40KB)
        • dvdcaseclosed_707x1083.png (748.06KB)
        • ezinelayingcurvy_778x526 (2).png (410.68KB)
        • hardcoverjacket_747x1076 (2).png (878.60KB)
        • imacfront_1283x1083 (2).png (953.79KB)
        • imacleft_790x926 (2).png (686.96KB)
        • imacrt_1143x1086 (3).png (1.00MB)
        • ipadlt_823x978 (2).png (727.32KB)
        • ipadmini_707x1018 (2).png (822.43KB)
        • ipadrt_823x978 (4).png (724.82KB)
        • iphone6greyright_575x1711 (2).png (851.44KB)
        • ipodhorizontal_600x400 (2).png (265.83KB)
        • macbookfront_1783x1085 (2).png (1.59MB)
        • tabletrt_1165x785 (2).png (975.92KB)
        • VPLR FB 1200×628.JPG (425.37KB)
        • VPLR FB Ads Video Pack.PNG (543.05KB)
        • VPLR Transparent FB Ads.png (960.23KB)
      • Slides
        • IMPORTANT READ THIS – Copy (6).txt (122.00B)
        • VPLR FB Ads 01.pptx (6.05MB)
        • VPLR FB Ads 02.pptx (8.42MB)
        • VPLR FB Ads 03.pptx (6.19MB)
        • VPLR FB Ads 04.pptx (7.42MB)
      • Word Docs
        • VPLR eBook FB Ads WORD DOC NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION.docx (1.11MB)
        • VPLR Report FB Ads WORD DOC NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION.docx (1.87MB)
        • Word Editing Tutorial.mp4 (37.96MB)
      • Rebranding Tutorial.mp4 (64.03MB)
    • For Your Customers
      • Audio
        • VPLR FB 01_01.mp3 (3.76MB)
        • VPLR FB 02_01.mp3 (6.13MB)
        • VPLR FB 03_01.mp3 (3.90MB)
        • VPLR FB 04_01.mp3 (5.14MB)
      • eBook
        • VPLR eBook FB Ads.pdf (346.29KB)
      • Report
        • VPLR Report FB Ads.pdf (165.03KB)
      • Videos
        • VPLR FB Ads 01.mp4 (56.73MB)
        • VPLR FB Ads 02.mp4 (82.77MB)
        • VPLR FB Ads 03.mp4 (60.20MB)
        • VPLR FB Ads 04.mp4 (64.18MB)
    • desktop.ini (115.00B)
    • Internet Marketing Blog.url (114.00B)
    • License.txt (745.00B)
    • Recommended Marketing Tools And Extras.pdf (201.31KB)


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