Top 10 FREE traffic sources for affiliate marketing

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10 free traffic sources for affiliate marketing. These traffic sources that I’m going to show you are really fantastic ways to drive traffic and therefore sales and commissions for your affiliate marketing campaigns without spending a dime. Before we get started just make sure that you have joined an affiliate network and that you have a product that you’re ready to start promoting. I’m gonna assume that you’ve selected a product and that you have your affiliate link, and now you just want to know how do I actually get traffic to this offer and how do I do it for free

1. Blog articles

The first free traffic source is blog articles. The idea here is that you have a website or a blog and then you post articles that are seo optimized around a particular keyword that is related to your offer. For example if you have an offer in the weight loss niche like let’s say that you’re promoting a weight loss meal plan product then you would post blog articles related to weight loss or weight loss meal plans.

2. Youtube videos

Youtube videos are incredibly effective at converting traffic into sales and leads and I recently made a video where I show you guys exactly how you can start making youtube videos to promote your affiliate products for free. I’ll leave a card for that video at the top of the screen, and I’ll also link that down in the description below but the idea is similar to what you would do for a blog article you would find keywords that are related to the product that you’re promoting and then you can make youtube videos around those keywords and you just need to make sure that your main keyword and your secondary keywords are in the title description and tags of your video. By doing that people will find your video when they’re searching for those keywords in the youtube search results. You can start driving traffic to your affiliate offers and getting sales incredibly quickly

3. Email list

The idea here is that once you have an email list built up around a particular niche then you can send emails to your list indefinitely and it’s entirely free now. The caveat here is that you do have to actually build up an email list and the more email addresses that you have on your list the more effective this will ultimately be. A really great way to build up your email list is to create a landing page that you put in front of your offer that will collect the email address from the visitor before they actually see the offer.

4. Facebook page

Now the fourth traffic source is a little less obvious but it’s incredibly effective as well and this is to create a facebook page around your product or around the general category of the products that you’re promoting. If you had a particular product and you wanted to make a facebook page about that product exclusively that can work very well but you can also make a facebook page around the general niche. If it’s in weight loss you could make a facebook page about weight loss in general and then you can promote different offers that are in the weight loss niche on that page.

Now once you have created a facebook page you’re gonna want to actually post from the facebook page on a regular basis. The more posts that you make the greater chance there is that someone will actually see your posts and click on the link that you provide and then buy the product. Now in general with facebook they don’t like for you to directly link to affiliate offers so that’s why you’re going to want to make a landing page first. The idea is that in your posts, you’ll put the link to your landing page where you’ll collect the email address of the visitor and then it will send them to the offer

5. Facebook group

Facebook group is similar to a facebook page, you can create a facebook group around the particular product that you’re promoting or around the general niche and people can find your group organically if they’re searching for terms that are related to the name of your group, or you can also invite people directly to join the group and this is something that tends to build over time, and similar to the facebook page method, you’re gonna want to post regularly inside of your facebook group and you can promote offers within that group and start getting traffic to your affiliate offers

6. Instagram page

You’re gonna want to set up an instagram page first that is either related to the general niche of your products that you’re promoting or that is directly about the specific product either one of these can work very well. You can use images instagram is great for both videos and images and if you want to get free images you can go to or those are two of my favorite free websites where you can get royalty free photos.

You can also get royalty free videos from these sites as well and you can upload your photo or video as a post and then in the description, you can promote your product and tell people to click the link in your bio now instagram similar to facebook they don’t want you to link directly to an affiliate offer. You’re going to want to link to your landing page or to your website and then from there you can send the visitor to the affiliate offer and it’s very important when you’re using instagram posts to make sure that you use hashtags that are related to your offer, and there are various tools that you can use to do hashtag research.

7. Instagram dms

This is a really cool strategy that can work very well. The idea here is that you find other posts or other popular pages that are related to your niche. If you’re promoting a weight loss product then you can find the top weight loss pages or weight loss posts and then find people who either follow that page you can just click on followers for that particular page and then there’s a huge list of people that follow that particular page and then you can dm those people and then let them know about the product that you’re promoting and link to your landing page, and you can also do this with the top posts that are in your niche. You could find the top weight loss post and then click to see who liked that post and then there’s a giant list of people who have liked that particular post. You can click on an user follow them and then send them a dm in the exact same way

8. Pinterest pin

Pinterest can be really really great for getting free traffic. With pinterest you’re going to want to create a pinterest account and then you can post these pins. Within a pen you’re going to want to have an image and again you can use pixels or pixabay to get free pictures that you can use for your images in your pinterest pens, and then in the description you can link to your affiliate offer or to your landing page. Pinterest functions as a search engine as well so make sure that you put relevant keywords in your description of your pins

9. Quora

The way quora works is that people will ask questions and then you can go on there and answer their questions. You can find questions that are related to the niche of your affiliate offer. If it’s weight loss you can find people asking things like what is the best way to lose 15 pounds in a month or something like that and then you can go provide your answer and then include a link to your landing page or to your affiliate offer in that answer

10. Reddit

Now number 10 reddit now reddit has a few benefits first of all you can promote other types of content in here like for example your blog articles or your youtube videos. You can actually link these or embed these in your reddit posts you can find particular subreddits that are related to the niche of your offer. Then when you post your blog articles or youtube videos in your reddit post it can actually help them to rank higher in the search engines and also to rank faster and of course you can include additional written content in there that you think people might find interesting and then link to your website or to your landing page that will take the visitor to your affiliate offer

So there you have it those are 10 entirely free traffic sources to help you start making money online with affiliate marketing super fast and without spending a dime. I hope you found this helpful


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