Five tips for marketing your online business in 2022

Cresit: Free image from Pexels

1. Creating massive offers

You see the real reason why entrepreneurs keep winning is because they do one thing exceptionally better than the rest of us and that it’s building a massive offer. Alex Ramos he explained this extremely well in his book: “100 million offers” and here are the cliff notes, grand slam offers as he calls them are inherently built upon value to make sure your offer is an actual grand slam, it must contain one of each of the following four factors, he calls it the value equation the dream outcome times perceived likelihood of achievement over time delay,

2. Creating a back-end system

Now these entrepreneurs don’t just stop by making you an initial offer as opposed to most of us who are just very focused on getting that initial sale they spend the same time if not more and worrying about what happens after the sale, we call this creating a back-end system essentially these are a series of emails, other products, services that are strategically presented to the customer so they continue to buy from you.

3. Creating ads

Creating ads that are actually strange and different for your niche. The goal here is to make people stop we need to hook in the viewers period. We gotta stop them from scrolling chances are you’re not the only entrepreneur that’s running ads to that specific audience, which means that that group of people is accustomed to those type of ads that those type of entrepreneurs, from so for you to get their attention you have to be doing something that’s completely different to what they’re used to seeing.

4. Do not quit on organic marketing

Even though I make money from running people’s pay date, I would be silly if I didn’t tell you do not quit on organic marketing, make sure you’re posting on instagram, youtube short and tiktok, this content experiences provide you with a ton of exposure which is usually good for business.

5. Stay consistent

You gotta stay consistent this is like kind of where compound interest you know comes in place where you put a little bit of work in today and a little bit of work into more and next thing you know you know it has compounded and now you have hundreds of thousands of views you now have ads that make people stop you have a great offer that converts like crazy and then a back-end maximizer allows you to spend even more money on ads and keep profit in your pocket, but the key to getting there is you have to stay consistent.


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