Easiest Ways to Make Money Online For Beginners


Today, I show you the laziest ways to make money online for beginners, which are available worldwide. What are those? We’re about to find out right now. I will be showing you several apps that you can use to start making decent money right after watching this video.

The best thing is you don’t actually have to do any work yourself. So I will be showing you both active and passive streams of income. In other words, I will show you two apps that will get you paid by literally doing nothing, and an app that will pay you really good money for just watching videos. In that way, you’ll be able to maximize your earnings by utilizing both passive and active income streams.

Now right before we go to the first app, let me know in the comments, what is your preferred payment method? In that way, I can make sure that every single article I’ll release is meant for you. So drop your preferred payment method in the comments down below this article.

So make sure to stick around and keep reading.

Let’s jump straight to those apps:

1. ScreenLift.io

Screeshot at website: screenlift.io

How this app works and how it gets you paid? Well, you can see right away when you come on their homepage, you first off, customize. Your first screen, personalize your first screen with our many unique features. This is the first app I’ve seen myself that pays you in such a way.. So it’s quite unique.

From there, you will just use your phone like you normally do. And you will get paid.. The amount you get paid depends on how much you use your phone, and I can imagine that many of you do so a lot. Earn Lifts each time you open your phone and cash out for real money, you will basically earn these Lifts, and you then exchange them for real money.

It’s as simple as that. This is a fantastic app to use and get paid if you don’t want to or don’t have the time. to invest into it, you just leave it be and use your phone as usual, and it’s awesome that by using this app, you get paid for doing something you do on a daily. Down here you have some testimonials that you can read if you want to. In order to see what people are saying about this app, you can also check out the reviews on Google Play as well. And as you can see, it has a 3.7 star rating on there, which is pretty decent. Not anything amazing, but it’s not bad either. Now something that’s a bit of a downside with this app is that it doesn’t seem to be available for iOS devices as of now, that may change in the future.

But for now you just have the Android version. As far as payment goes, you get paid in PayPal, which I know from my comments that many of you love, PayPal is definitely available with this app

2. WinTub.com

Screenshot at website: wintub.com

The app’s name being quite similar to YouTube isn’t a coincidence at all. You will get paid right here by watching videos, now what I really like about the said videos is the variety. You won’t be spammed with the same ads over and over. But they will actually show you different types of videos that literally include movies and TV shows that are quite interesting and fun to watch. Making money with this won’t be annoyin. Furthermore, the best thing about watching videos is that you don’t have to actually watch them. You can just come on here, play one video and do something else, then just come back play another video and go off doing something else again. That is why as some of you already know, watching videos is one of my favorite ways to make money online. Here you can see what I was saying before, commercial ads, movies and TV, Shows online. It’s the perfect way to earn money at WinTub. The fact that you don’t have only ads to watch is what makes this app quite unique, and it makes getting paid a lot more fun. However, as you can see to the right, you don’t get paid by just watching videos. Referring your friends can be an excellent way to get paid if you don’t have much time.

The way you get paid is once again through PayPal primarily. But other options are also available. Here you can check out their partners and just below that, you have the get start button, which you want to click in order to sign up to this app. I will do so now myself, so I can show you exactly how this looks and how much you will be getting paid. So this is how the app will look once you log in to your brand new account. And as you can see, you get $5 for just signing up which is really awesome. Just below you can see the video you have to watch and the amount of money you get paid. This is not a huge amount of money, but it will quickly add up once you watch some of these videos, and once again, you don’t have to watch them, just leave them running, turn off the audio while you’re doing other things and then just come back, play the next video and so on.

Moreover, combining this app with the first apps I showed you previously will lead to adding up to your profits, which is why I highly recommend you use all two of them to get paid. Remember this is free and no skills are required at all.


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