Build Your Own Opportunity Network Download

Build Your Own Opportunity Network

This modest e-book is offered as a straightforward guide to help people who are new to social networking get started successfully. My goal is to provide a very general overview, and some simple step-by-step guidance to using social networking platforms effectively. The brush strokes are broad, and deliberately so; the social networking arena evolves rapidly. A generous sprinkling of links to outside resources is included, since so many people have written helpful instructions about specific tools and approaches (and, that also means I have to write less!).

While much of what is presented here will relate to anybody looking to understand social networking (including businesses), the main thrust of this guide is to help individual professionals find their way in this fast-moving on-line wilderness and build their own Opportunity Networks.
Much of my consulting work is with people in the pharmaceutical marketplace. I’ll point to a handful of pharma-specific resources in this document for
that audience; those will be found in Appendix A.

If you’re wondering how to present/project yourself in social networks (and in life!), you may enjoy going through a brief personal branding exercise (Appendix B).

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