Affiliate Marketing Secrets


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Tags: Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Internet Marketing, List building, make money online, Product Launch, Traffic
Date Added: 2021-03-12
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“Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online. It’s really a simple concept. When you are an affiliate marketer, you promote a product, service, or site for a business, and you as a publisher get rewarded for doing so…”

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    • Module 1 – Ebook
      • Affiliate Marketing Secrets.pdf (1.01MB)
    • Module 2 – Report
      • Affiliate Marketing Secrets Mini eBook.pdf (565.26KB)
    • Module 3 – Sales Page
      • AFFILIATE-MARKETING-SECRET-SOCIETY-Membership-Card.png (386.96KB)
      • index.html (16.48KB)
      • thankyou.html (18.46KB)
    • Module 4 – Squeeze Page
      • cover.png (522.79KB)
      • index.html (30.11KB)
      • thankyou.html (30.95KB)
    • Module 5 – Graphics
      • AMS 3DBoxSet.png (2.21MB)
      • AMS M1 EbookFlat IDC.png (545.40KB)
      • AMS M1 EbookHardbound4.png (4.32MB)
      • AMS M1 EbookHardbound.png (1.53MB)
      • AMS M2 ReportFlat.png (522.79KB)
      • AMS M2 ReportNotebook.png (1.61MB)
      • AMS M5 GraphicsBox.png (1.01MB)
      • AMS M5 GraphicsFlat.png (576.58KB)
      • AMS M6 ArticlesBox.png (1.00MB)
      • AMS M6 ArticlesFlat.png (568.77KB)
      • AMS M7 ChecklistFlat.png (563.31KB)
      • AMS M7 ChecklistMagazine.png (1.12MB)
      • AMS M8 CheatSheetFlat.png (563.47KB)
      • AMS M8 CheatSheetMagazine.png (1.28MB)
    • Module 6 – Articles
      • Extra Things to Look for When Choosing Affiliate Products.docx (12.09KB)
      • How to Incentivize Your Mailing List Correctly.docx (11.91KB)
      • How to Write Subject Lines That Get Read.docx (12.06KB)
      • Should You Use Pop-Overs to Get More Subscribers.docx (13.15KB)
      • Understanding the Importance of Your Value Proposition.docx (12.00KB)
    • Module 7 – Checklist
      • Affiliate Marketing Secrets Checklist.pdf (503.48KB)
    • Module 8 – Cheat Sheet
      • Affiliate Marketing Secrets Cheat Sheet.pdf (455.44KB)
    • desktop.ini (114.00B)
    • Internet Marketing Blog.url (114.00B)
    • License.txt (342.00B)
    • Recommended-Marketing-Tools-And-Extras.pdf (201.31KB)


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