3 common SEO mistakes to avoid in 2022

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In today’s article we’re talking about 3 common mistakes that I personally see businesses making with their own SEO strategy or their SEO efforts. Now SEO is an incredible tool to your business when done correctly, it’s a great way for you to build organic traffic or build traffic to your website naturally without having to spend thousands of dollars on paid advertisement. It’s a long term strategy within my agency we’ve been invested in SEO now for like just over 12 months and already we have seen so much positive return from it. You really are able to build and boost your business with a very well thought out SEO strategy. So in today’s article, we’re talking about three mistakes I see people making. I’m going to talk you through them one by one and if you are guilty of making any of these then I implore you to change that within your business and within your SEO strategy right away now

1. Not utilizing keyword research correctly

I see so many people doing this wrong so many business owners or even marketing managers or SEO professionals still kind of getting this step wrong, and I get it there was a period of time where myself included got this stuff wrong. But it’s really not that difficult so what I see a lot of people doing is they’re guessing their keywords, and that’s OK for you to come up with ideas when you’re brainstorming but guessing what people are going to search and building your whole SEO campaign around guesswork is just a recipe for disaster honestly.

So what I recommend you do instead is do the guesswork, make a note of all the keywords that you think people are going to search in order to find your business, but the thing that you must do is put your keywords through a keyword checker tool, you can use semrush you can use ahrefs, the one that I actually prefer to use is ubersuggest. These tools will show you how much search traffic these search terms get how difficult it would be to rank for them, and that removes all of the guesswork so yeah don’t guess your keywords brainstorm write down a list of keywords you think people are searching have a look on google use a keyword finder use a keyword checker an analyzer as I just mentioned and really understand whether people are searching for these keywords or not and how much opportunity there is for you to rank for them.

2. Trying to get your page to rank for all of your keywords

Now I get it I get why people get confused with this because they want everybody to come to their home page, so what they try and do and you may have done this yourself is build your list of keywords and try and get your home page to rank for all of it. And what actually happens is google looks at this and it really doesn’t understand what you’re trying to explain or show or offer, so it has no idea what to rank you for. So what I recommend you do is take one of your keywords from your keyword list and optimize that for your home page, make sure that it’s kind of the more generic term that encompasses all of your services perhaps so for us for example as a digital marketing agency, we offer website design we offer logos paid advertisement SEO, but our home page we’ve tried to rank for digital marketing in our local area because digital marketing is the term that kind of wraps and encompasses all of the services that we offer so on our home page.

We are only trying to rank that for digital marketing our other keywords so take website design for example, we tried to get that to rank on our web design page. Hopefully you can see where this is going you take one keyword and you try to rank that one keyword to one page, so one keyword to one page. If you’ve got multiple keywords, you have to create multiple individual pages. Please stop trying to get your homepage to rank for tons of different keywords because honestly you’re just gonna trip up it’s not gonna work and that page isn’t gonna rank for anything

3. Being really lazy with your content

You’re running an SEO campaign here and the keywords are important, the on-page SEO is important, but what’s most important is the content. All right don’t be lazy with your content, when people are trying to search for your services or help and advice that you’re able to deliver them. You want to make sure that your content appears and the only way that your content appears is if it’s of good quality. So do not be lazy with your content I’ve seen people not writing enough content first and foremost. So typically on a page you want to be aiming for at least 500 words. Any any less than that it’s not really deemed enough content for google to come and crawl and really sort of figure out what it is that you’re trying to explain or offer so 500 words is a very good benchmark.

It’s not even that many words to be honest. If you are half good at writing you can write these words yourself or alternatively get an SEO copyright to do it. But at least have 500 words on your pages. You also want to make sure that any content that you are writing speaks to the human. This probably stems from old school SEO or black hat SEO where you’re trying to keyword stuff, you’re trying to stick your keywords in left right and center, it doesn’t really make sense, because you’re trying to write for a robot but actually the robots that are crawling your site to determine where you should be positioned on search are way more intuitive than you think. It’s going to try to see whether it understands your article the way humans can understand it if it’s written for a human being.

They are the 3 main points that I want to bring to your attention and talk to you about today regarding improving your SEO.


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