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Lyrics Database For Sale

Lyrics Database For Sale

Cheap Price


Are you a Web developer? Are you owned a Lyrics Website and need a database for it?. You are in the right place.

Today, with the music technology available, people around the world are using the internet to find their favorite songs and, of course, they are finding the lyrics everywhere. As the Lyrics site owner, you need to collect more and more lyrics to serve your client’s requirement. We have done the work for you. We collected thousands of lyrics around the internet and organize them to a database that you can download and use.

This database contains lyrics from songs covers many different music genre’s. You can import it to your lyrics Website or any music related website to create more content pages to gain more visitors. This database is perfect for your music lyrics project. It takes long time for you to collect lyrics, so the best way to get started is use this Lyrics Database. Save your time, and make more money with this Lyric Database.

So, What will you Get?

File: lyrics.sql

Size: 741MB – Size (RAR): 152MB (Easy to download)

Format: SQL

Demo: Download

Table Schema Database Field Statistics

Field Records Percent Type Comment
id 429,597 100% int(11) Unique Identifier.
title 429,597 100% varchar(255) Title of this song.
artist 429,597 100% varchar(255) Name of the artists who perform this song.
description 429,540 99,99% text A short description of this song.
content 398,475 92.76% text Lyrics of this song.
name 429,592 99,99% varchar(255) A short text for SEO purpose.

What is the price?

You can get this with only: $199


10 Ways to Increase Google Indexing

10 Ways to Increase Google Indexing

For a while now webmasters have fretted over why all of the pages of their website are not indexed. As usual there doesn’t seem to be any definite answer. But some things are definite, if not automatic, and some things seem like pretty darn good guesses.


It depends a lot on PageRank. The higher your PageRank the more pages that will be indexed. PageRank isn’t a blanket number for all your pages. Each page has its own PageRank. A high PageRank gives the Googlebot more of a reason to return.


Give the Googlebot something to follow. Links (especially deep links) from a high PageRank site are golden as the trust is already established. Internal links can help, too. Link to important pages from your homepage. On content pages link to relevant content on other pages.


A lot of buzz around this one. Some report that a clear, well-structured Sitemap helped get all of their pages indexed. Google’s Webmaster guidelines recommends submitting a Sitemap file, too. Some recommend having a Sitemap for every category or section of a site.


A recent O’Reilly report indicated that page load time and the ease with which the Googlebot can crawl a page may affect how many pages are indexed. The logic is that the faster the Googlebot can crawl, the greater number of pages that can be indexed. This could involve simplifying the structures and/or navigation of the site. The spiders have difficulty with Flash and Ajax. A text version should be added in those instances.

Google’s crawl caching proxy

Any one of three indexes may crawl a site and send the information to a remote server, which is accessed by the remaining indexes (like the blog index or the AdSense index) instead of the bots for those indexes physically visiting your site. They will all use the mirror instead.


Verify the site with Google using Google Webmaster Central.

Content, content, content

Make sure content is original. If a verbatim copy of another page, the Googlebot may skip it. Update frequently. This will keep the content fresh. Pages with an older timestamp might be viewed as static, outdated, or already indexed.

Staggered launch

Launching a huge number of pages at once could send off spam signals. In one forum, it is suggested that a webmaster launch a maximum of 5,000 pages per week.

Size matters

If you want tens of millions of pages indexed, your site will probably have to be on an or level.

Know how your site is found, and tell Google

Find the top queries that lead to your site and remember that anchor text helps in links. Use Google’s tools to see which of your pages are indexed, and if there are violations of some kind. Specify your preferred domain so Google knows what to index.

Bulk Twitter UserName Checker

Bulk Twitter UserName Checker

Give this program bulk of username and it’ll check to see if they’re available on Twitter.

All you need to do is Paste the usernames you want to check in the textbox, click “Start” and wait for the result. The result will be arrange into two boxes: Username Available and Username Taken.

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