An Effective Article Rewriter Tool

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- Rewrite your article automatically.

- Word or phrase suggestion.

- Huge database that can replace most of words/phrases of your input article.

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FREE List of 1303 Web Proxies

A Free list of 1303 Web Proxies (tested)

Use these proxies if you need to:

  • Unblock YouTube, Facebook, and other websites
  • bypass government censorship
  • Hide your IP address
  • Protect you from network spies
  • Surf the web anonymously

Example Proxies:

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List of 140 popular Search Engines

List of 140 popular Search Engines


Google – Does it need any explanation? In case you haven’t been online in the last 10 years, this is the largest, most popular and widely used search engine on the planet.

Yahoo – Much like Google above. Also a widely used general information search engine.

DogPile – Compiles results from some of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Windows Live Search.

AltaVista – Search the web, audio, images, videos and news. You can also search WorldWide or narrow your results to U.S. Only.

Windows Live Search – Search the web and get your own personalized page filled with information you love.

Zuula – Search the web with results from all of the major search engines, you can also specify which search engines you want results from. You can also add the Zuula search to your Firefox search box. – A meta search engine. Not only can you search the web for information and videos you can also search the white and yellow pages. – Find whatever you are looking for quickly and easily. You can search the web for images, blogs, news and much more. Ask has recently had a redesign and some reports have been very positive about it.

WebCrawler – Why settle for one search engine when you can have them all. Get your results mixed together from Google, Yahoo, Windows Live and more.

Netscape Search – Search the web for your favorite information with Netscape. Not the best search engine out there by any means, but solid; mostly used by Netscape users.

MetaCrawler – Search the web, yellow pages and white pages from one place.

Clusty – A twist on typical search engines. Clusty not only lists your results like you are used to seeing, but it also breaks them into clusters, or categories, making finding the desired results a little easier.

Excite – A search engine and much more. Get your own customized page with news, horoscopes, local weather and more.

MozDex – A search engine seeded from the Dmoz Directory, it is powered by open source technology.

Kanoodle – This is a pay-per-click sponsored search engine. This means you can pay for inclusion, if you are trying to drive traffic to your site.

ExactSeek – Large online search engine, you can search the web, blogs, news and articles. You can include your site for free or featured/paid inclusion.

AlltheWeb – Search results are provided by Yahoo. You can also search specifically for news, audio and video all in 36 different languages.

Lycos – Lycos search results are powered by and much like Excite you can customize the homepage to suit your interests.

ScrubtheWeb – On top of searching the web, this site is also a host to many great web developer tools, like the meta tag builder and analyzer.

LemmeFind – Meta search engine that pulls results from Google. Yahoo and MSN.

KartOO – A fun flash based metasearch engine with a unique visual interface. Rather than displaying long boring lists of results, KartOO displays an interactive map for finding results.

AOL Search – Search the web with AOL. Search results are enhanced by Google.

HotBot – Search the web using or MSN and you can create custom filters to block out all of that unwanted information.

SearchMaze – Nice clean search engine, with some useful tools and features like their toolbar with the ability search from over 150 search engines.

IxQuick – A very powerful meta search engine, not only can you find what you want on the web, you can also find phone numbers and addresses through their international phone directory search. – Search the web with MSN, there are so many other resources available.

GigaBlast – Nice search engine with lots of features. You can restrict search results to specific sites, add search features to your own site and more.

Seekz – Meta search engine with site clustering and duplicate removal.

Zippy – Great all around search engine with a special emphasis on webmasters. You can compare top 10 results for SEO purposes, compare two sites against each other and other great features.

Iboogie – Meta search engine that clusters results so they can be broken down into the most relevant information related to your criteria.

Irazoo – Get points which can earn you prizes by simply using the search engine.

WebFetch – Query results from U.K based sites only or search internationally.

Human Edited Search Engines and Directories

Open Directory Project

Mahalo – Jason Calacanis’ baby, a very serious contender with lots of funding, is best described as a cross between Wikipedia and Google. If a human edit result for your query doesn’t exist, you’ll be transfered to standard Google results.

Dmoz – Probably the most popular and largest human edited search engine directory. All sites must be submitted and approved for placement in the directory.

Sproose – A user powered search engine. Users vote on the results and then the sites are ranked accordingly. This allows them to provide quality results, without all of the junk that you find in a typical search engine.

Directory Hound – Human edited directory modeled after Dmoz. All sites must be submitted and approved before entry. Covers all general categories. – General information directory, all sites are reviewed by staff members.

Best of the Web – Very popular directory, with strict submission guidelines. Also have an award program for the best ranked sites.

10 Directory – Nice, clean looking categorized web directory. – All submitted sites are reviewed and approved by editors before inclusion is granted. They cover all general categories and do not allow adult related websites.

Search Turtle – A human edited web directory and search engine. Make claims of having the most rigorous submission guidelines, to allow for the best spam-free results. – Community guides review all site submissions for inclusion within the directory. Very clean look, easy to use.

JoeAnt – A very large directory portal operated by volunteer guides. You can find a little bit of everything here and you can apply to become a guide yourself.

ChaCha – Suppose you can’t find what you are searching for. One click on ChaCha will get you in touch with a live guide to help you find what you want.

Book and Library Search Engines

Librarians Internet Index

Librarians Internet Index – A publicly funded search engine and directory of information and resources for librarians.

BookFinder – Searches over 125 million books from several online catalogs. You are sure to find your favorite.

AddAll – Search for your favorite book from over forty different stores and 20,000 different sellers, including

UsedBookSearch – Search thousands of online shops for used, rare and out of print books. – If comic books are more your style, search the web for rare and collectible comics here.

Business Search Engines and Directories – A business search engine and directory for business and trade related publications.

BizEurope – Extensive directory and trade portal for European businesses. – Large business search engine and directory.

HongKong Business Directory – Directory of information for over 100,000 HongKong based businesses.

World Trade Search – Search engine and trade directory for businesses in North America, Europe and Asia.

Jayde – Popular business to business search engine. Find businesses in many different markets. – Find thousands of business websites around the web with this search engine.

Cyber TradeZone – Global directory of importers and exporters.

Zibb – A global search engine for finding businesses on the web. – Trade directory of products from Chinese Suppliers.

MasterSeek – Find businesses and contact information from companies in 75 countries. Filter results to specific countries.

BusinesSeek – Global business directory and search engine. – Directory of over 2 million businesses and products from around the globe. – Small business search engine provided by

BusinessCrawler – Large business search engine and directory.

BizAhead – International business to business directory. – Extensive Global trade directory, many different products and manufacturers available.

Music and Video Related Search Engines

Project Playlist

Project Playlist – Generates results from record labels, artist websites music blogs and other publicly available websites. Search by Artist name, song title or both.

PodNova – A podcast and video blog search engine. You can search the directory or browse by tag, you can also add your own feed for others to find.

Truveo – Searches through millions of videos across the web each day. Purchased by AOL in 2006 this is one of the largest sources for finding videos.

Espew – An Mp3 search engine that aggregates results from around the web. This is a completely free and legal service, they pay a percentage to the record labels every time a song is played.

SkreemR – Search engine that indexes publicly accessible audio files from across the web.

EveryZing – A media search engine for finding audio and video files across multiple channels.

Blinkx – Very large search engine for finding videos across the web. They have millions of results in their database are considered to be one of the largest video search engines in the world.

ScoopVid! – Track down the most popular videos by the hour, day or even month. You can also search the web for video results.

MusicIP – Discover new artists through their digital music search engine. You can also sign-up to include your own recordings in the index.

MusicHits – Find everything from musician homepages to music on sale to music news sites. Very extensive directory.

Mp3Realm – Search for Mp3 files artist, title, genre and album. You can also filter results by duration. – A user updated directory of music related sites. You can browse by genre or even instruments or search the directory. You can also add your own music site.

MusicSearcher – Search or browse by your favorite artist or music genre. They also aggregate breaking news in the music industry.

Vdoogle – This search engine indexes results from sites like YouTube and Google Video, to bring you shared and viral videos.

The Brass Band Portal – If brass bands are your thing, this is a search engine dedicated to finding related information for brass fans.

Artist Direct – A network of music related sites and services. You can find sites that offer multi-media content, music related e-commerce, music news and more.

PodScope – The first of its kind, PodScope is an audio and video search engine that allows you to search and find podcasts by the words that are spoken within them.

MusicRobot – Search the Internet for MIDI files of your favorite music.

Pixsy – Very nice media search engine. You can find plenty of images and videos here to suit your fancy.

Music Crawler – One of the leading U.S. Based search engines. Find your favorite music anywhere on the web. – Looking for song lyrics? This search engine pulls over 100,000 song lyrics to match your criteria.

Mu-Seek – Search the web for your favorite music, by words in the title or words in the song lyrics. Just in case you can’t remember what the song was called.

Ulinkx – A social video search engine. Browse popular videos by tags or perform a search for your favorites. – A specialty search engine for finding Hawaiian music by artist name, album name or song title.

SeeqPod – Search engine aggregates music from all over the web, and displays the results in a clean interface. You can also play the music right from the search results to see if it is what you are looking for.

MusicVideos4All – Search the web for your favorite music videos or browse through what others are searching for.

VidSea – Beta search engine for video hunters.

Blog and RSS Search Engines and Directories

BlogSearch Engine

BlogSearchEngine – Search engine queries results from over 10 million blogs around the web.

Google Blog Search – Search Google’s index to find blogs on your favorite topic.

Bloogz – Blog search engine.

Total Blog Directory – Categorized directory of blogs. – Searchable directory of British based blogs.

Real Estate Blogs – A large directory of blogs affiliated with the real estate market.

Technorati – One of the most popular blog directories, they currently index over 100 million blogs on virtually every topic.

BlogDigger – Search engine for finding blogs and RSS feeds.

BlogHub – Online directory of blogs and resources for bloggers.

Blog-Search – Find your favorite blogs and RSS feeds.

BlogCatalog – Very large social blog directory, find a blog or add your own to the list.

Bloglines – Search or share your favorite news feeds, blogs and rich web content.

BlogExplosion – Directory of blogs covering virtually every category.

Peace Corps Journals – Directory of over 3000 blogs written by Peace Corps volunteers from around the world.

Find That Feed – search the web for feeds by keyword.

Plazoo – Blog and feed search engine. You have the option to search in several different languages.

Othx – Personal blog search engine, human edited for quality results.

SplogSpot – Search engine for finding spam blogs, link farms and more spam related content.

Syndic8 – RSS and Atom news feed search engine.

BlogDumps – Directory of blogs from around the web.

Bloggapedia – Directory of blogs , blog news and more. Add your blog to the directory.

BlogHop – Search through nearly 30,000 blogs in this directory, you can find them by tags or keyword search. – Search through more than 26,000 photoblogs in their directory. – Blog search engine owned by Yahoo. Add your own blog to the directory. – RSS and Atom search engine.

BlogFlux – Extensive directory of blogs, and blogging tools and resources.

Blogarama – Searchable blog directory, can also browse by category.

Miscellaneous Search Engines – Search for poets, poems, quotations and music. – Have a device that requires a driver? Here you can search the web for thousands of device drivers.

Hawaii Search – A directory committed to indexing every website with relation to the Hawaiin Islands. You can get hotel accommodations or just check out the local shops.

FindSounds – A free search engine for finding audio clips and sound effects. You can get files in Wave, AU and AIFF formats. – A large search directory of Maine only websites. – If you are in the need of a good vacation, you can go here and search through over 20 thousand travel sites from around the world.

First Nations Seeker – Extensive directory of North American Indian websites.

HomePageSeek – Some webmasters just don’t have a knack for being found. This search engine and directory, tries to help you find those sites you wouldn’t ordinarily come across.

Black Business Planet – A directory filled with links to African American related websites and content.

WebWombat – Search through over 20 million results from Australian based websites, and customize the homepage to fit your needs.

Social Work Search – Searchable directory of information in the social worker profession.

Teddy Bear Search – A search engine for finding teddy bears around the world. Searches are customizable and you can search in English or French.

StarLink – Search for Astronomy related information, institutions, and addresses.

Krugle – This is a search engine for open source code, projects and technical information for developers.

Scirus – Search engine for scientists. Searches and indexes over 450 million science related websites, to keep scientific information at your fingertips.

Healia – Search engine for health related information. – A search engine developed to give you calling codes to and from any country in the world.

SFAHQ – Search for results of related interests to the Special Forces. A non-profit project ran by ex-military.

WorthyLinks – A Christian search engine. Find Christian stores and resources from around the web.

FinderSeeker – A search engine for finding other search engines.

ParaSeek – A search engine and directory for those of you interested in the paranormal.

Cheap Thesaurus / Synonyms Database For Sale

Thesaurus / Synonyms Database For Sale

Cheap Price


Are you owned a Dictionary/Synonym Website and need a database for it?. You are in the right place.

This is Thesaurus / Synonyms Database contains 129,434 records. Some words contain Antonyms. You can get all of them with very cheap price. Antonyms / Synonyms are delimited by commas.
You can use this database for your dictionary websites, synonym search engine, or article spinning service,…

What will you Get?

File: Synonym Database (synonym.sql / synonym.csv)

Size: ~13.6MB

Format: SQL/CSV

Demo: Email me!

Table Schema Database Field Statistics

Field Records Percent Type Comment
id 129,434 100% int(11) Unique Identifier.
word 129,434 100% varchar(255) Word or phrase.
type 129,434 100% varchar(255) Type of word (noun, verb,..).
synonym 129,434 100% text Synonyms of this word.
antonym 7,979 6,16% text Antonyms of this word.


You can get this with only: $130

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Lyrics Database For Sale

Lyrics Database For Sale

Cheap Price


Are you a Web developer? Are you owned a Lyrics Website and need a database for it?. You are in the right place.

Today, with the music technology available, people around the world are using the internet to find their favorite songs and, of course, they are finding the lyrics everywhere. As the Lyrics site owner, you need to collect more and more lyrics to serve your client’s requirement. We have done the work for you. We collected thousands of lyrics around the internet and organize them to a database that you can download and use.

This database contains lyrics from songs covers many different music genre’s. You can import it to your lyrics Website or any music related website to create more content pages to gain more visitors. This database is perfect for your music lyrics project. It takes long time for you to collect lyrics, so the best way to get started is use this Lyrics Database. Save your time, and make more money with this Lyric Database.

So, What will you Get?

File: lyrics.sql

Size: 741MB – Size (RAR): 152MB (Easy to download)

Format: SQL

Demo: Download

Table Schema Database Field Statistics

Field Records Percent Type Comment
id 429,597 100% int(11) Unique Identifier.
title 429,597 100% varchar(255) Title of this song.
artist 429,597 100% varchar(255) Name of the artists who perform this song.
description 429,540 99,99% text A short description of this song.
content 398,475 92.76% text Lyrics of this song.
name 429,592 99,99% varchar(255) A short text for SEO purpose.

What is the price?

You can get this with only: $199


10 Ways to Increase Google Indexing

10 Ways to Increase Google Indexing

For a while now webmasters have fretted over why all of the pages of their website are not indexed. As usual there doesn’t seem to be any definite answer. But some things are definite, if not automatic, and some things seem like pretty darn good guesses.


It depends a lot on PageRank. The higher your PageRank the more pages that will be indexed. PageRank isn’t a blanket number for all your pages. Each page has its own PageRank. A high PageRank gives the Googlebot more of a reason to return.


Give the Googlebot something to follow. Links (especially deep links) from a high PageRank site are golden as the trust is already established. Internal links can help, too. Link to important pages from your homepage. On content pages link to relevant content on other pages.


A lot of buzz around this one. Some report that a clear, well-structured Sitemap helped get all of their pages indexed. Google’s Webmaster guidelines recommends submitting a Sitemap file, too. Some recommend having a Sitemap for every category or section of a site.


A recent O’Reilly report indicated that page load time and the ease with which the Googlebot can crawl a page may affect how many pages are indexed. The logic is that the faster the Googlebot can crawl, the greater number of pages that can be indexed. This could involve simplifying the structures and/or navigation of the site. The spiders have difficulty with Flash and Ajax. A text version should be added in those instances.

Google’s crawl caching proxy

Any one of three indexes may crawl a site and send the information to a remote server, which is accessed by the remaining indexes (like the blog index or the AdSense index) instead of the bots for those indexes physically visiting your site. They will all use the mirror instead.


Verify the site with Google using Google Webmaster Central.

Content, content, content

Make sure content is original. If a verbatim copy of another page, the Googlebot may skip it. Update frequently. This will keep the content fresh. Pages with an older timestamp might be viewed as static, outdated, or already indexed.

Staggered launch

Launching a huge number of pages at once could send off spam signals. In one forum, it is suggested that a webmaster launch a maximum of 5,000 pages per week.

Size matters

If you want tens of millions of pages indexed, your site will probably have to be on an or level.

Know how your site is found, and tell Google

Find the top queries that lead to your site and remember that anchor text helps in links. Use Google’s tools to see which of your pages are indexed, and if there are violations of some kind. Specify your preferred domain so Google knows what to index.